1. B

    Med strains

    Gonna buy seeds again, thinking of a Med strain. What is everyone's thoughts on Head Banger, Sour Master? Does anyone know the type of high I would get from these? Thanks
  2. D

    Where to find WCSD/kerosene Kush???

    I've been looking for this strain everywhere with no luck. The last place I saw carrying it was beanho but they're out now. Is it going by a new name? Is it discontinued? Will it ever be back?
  3. L


    Hello, was going to start some of these on monday and was hoping to get some more info on the chilliwack hashplant as well as any info on the vgc itself as I couldn't find anyone growing it out. thanks for your time.:tiphat:
  4. amannamedtruth

    Silver Skunk X Skunk autos

    4/5 female, 2/5 autoflowering, hard. Sup with that? Plants in the BG are fine.
  5. C

    Silver Skunk X Skunk

    Was wandering about the Flowering Times and any other Information that is Available for this Strain...Thanx.
  6. M

    Strain Harvest Windows

    I'm thinking if getting some WCSD, Ladybug Bubba and PurplePainKiller. Problem is, I'm running 8wk strains and am curious if I can find phenos that fast of your strains. Will colors come that early? Thoughts?
  7. P

    My Rockstar + ConKushion grow!

    Hopefully this thread won't be full of my normal jibberish, but I'm learning that we all speak stoner.....I started 6 of each RSK and ConK in 2 shot glasses...(hopefully they give me some luck) giving them a 48hr presoak with a splash of H202 for shits and giggles..For the record this will be my...
  8. R

    Med-Man's HeadBand

    My tribute to M-man for making these bomb seeds. So here are some manicured nugz
  9. P

    Patiently (yeah right) awaiting my gear, any suggestions

    Hi all was just curious if anyone has any suggestions on the best way to utilize my flower space..I'm a fairly new grower so open to anything really, still on a serious learning curve..my space is a tent thats 32x32x70 with an adjustable digi 600w air cooled hood 6".....my current method which...
  10. med-man

    amsterdam cannabis cup 2014

    med-man brand booked for cannabis cup amsterdam! come join me for tight pants and pancakes! working with some heavy weights for my entrees you european guys better bring your game to the cup med-man
  11. paperchaser825

    Need a seed recommendation

    Sup dude. Props on all the shit you have going for you first and foremost. Say you and your lady looking suave at the bigwig meeting. ANYWAYS! Want to buy some of your stock. I am an ole southern boy down here in the states. Little back story: I spent some time down in cali with my aunt and...
  12. B

    Thanks Med-Man from sick patients

    Med Man it's been a while since I got those medical seeds from you. The Black Domina , the silver surfer and the skunk were GREAT , I started late in the year, but got more than a pound on each of these grown in my house and later back yard (march and april) . I still have tinture left of...
  13. B

    Predetermined sex of seeds?

    Does a regular seed already have it's sex predetermined? Or can growing factors play a role? If you have almost perfect conditions, and give her lots of love-will she turn female more often? Just wondering, thanks
  14. Savage Seeds

    Med Man need some help with outdoor strain suggestion!

    Hey Med Man been lurkin on your forum here for quite a while, liking the way your gear looks, only problem is it all looks too be bred for indoor? Can you suggest me one of your strains that would finish end of September/Early October in Southern Ontario? The only choices I got from the place I...
  15. leaffan

    newbie looking for info

    Hey MM, it was a pleasure meeting you at Champs. I've never popped seeds ( yeah I know) always used cuts. Anyways I have two questions, probably could find the answers somewhere but... I bought your top 4 to try out. Watched your instruction, great stuff ty. Have seeds got smaller over the...
  16. med-man

    canadas most awarded breeder

    i would like to thank everyone that has helped me on my journey to get here. esp the ones whom challenged me the most and forced me to rise above my own indaequecies and taught me the most valuable lessons about myself! thank you very much, i appreciate it med-man
  17. P

    help plz experienced breeders

    Hey guys I'm new on the forum and in my 5th year growing but I think I'm advanced pretty far as my peers just love my smoke but that's not my problem. So about 2 years ago I had a small issue with a tent I was running, the ph meter and cooking fan seemed to break around the same time and the...
  18. chefboy6969

    ConKushion tips

    trust me START THOSE ASAP Med Man gave me a few choice nugs from his stash Trust me START THOSE NOW you will be VERY VERY HAPPY YOU DID some tips...do not over water EVER DO NOT UNDER WATER(well sometimes you can) DO NOT OVER FEED, plants are not like humans you can not push their limits...
  19. chefboy6969

    Med Man is a true gentleman

    Hey this is just a shout out to my new buddy med man... He and I have some history on here(we have had some words) but today i actually met the man himself. And i have to say i am very impressed with his genetics and he is someone who stands by his product Not only that I have changed my...
  20. 944s2

    944s2s summer run with roadkill skunk no1 [part 2]

    hiya some pics of my summer run which includes 5 roadkill no1 testers,,, seeds in mineral water for 18 hours and then into bio bizzs "light mix",,,,got 4 females out of 5 beans last time,,hoping to get those ratios again,,fingers crossed,,s2