1. T

    TheSquaadFather's Beginner Organic Grow ft Schism (T.I.T.S x Chem91 Bx3)

    Hey all! Welcome to my first journal, thanks for checking it out! Feel free to comment or ask about anything. Im a new grower and learning new things every day. Working on my 3rd harvest here soon, and went from coco + synthetics -> soil + synthetics -> Fully Organic! Ill be setting up a 3x3...
  2. M

    Cardboard Box - Stray Cat Shelter

    Cat's Peace. I come through this thread to document my attempts to plant Cannabis and its resulting success or failure. Having been unemployed for more than 6 months - and with no desire to have a job - the structure is far from ideal, with simple and quite humble equipment. I think I can make...
  3. regentag

    Herbsttage Indoor/Outdoor E27LEDs, 4x ACE Auto MalawiNL,Zamaldelica / ACE Kali China, Violeta, Erpurts

    Moin, ich möchte dann auch mal meine Fortschritte dokumentieren, gerne Hilfe und Rat bekommen und euch hoffentlich irgendwann gute Ergebnisse zeigen. Meine Erfahrung beruht auf etwa 25 Pflanzen die ich vorwiegend Outdoor aufgezogen habe, allerdings meistens nebenbei und ohne viel zutun. Indoor...
  4. FeelHaze

    Sativa organic grow with ace seeds (Panama, Malawi, Killer A5 Haze)

    Hi, I'm FeelHaze, a canadian microgrower. Here start my first grow journey with ace seeds. After growing hybrids for a couple years and buying Canadian legal weed for some time, I got tired of the lack of diversity in effects. Commercial sativas nowaday all seem to be 9 weekers that hit like...
  5. C

    Vital Garden Supply-Organic Nutrient Questions

    Hi, Hope that isn’t too repeated a question that it’s annoying. In the past I’ve run Cutting Edge with Netafim drip in 3 gallon coco pots. Over the past year I’ve switched to fully organic, in soil (still running 3 gallon pots, but fabric instead of plastic). I’ve tried a variety of nutrient...
  6. LungCooking

    GHS Dark Phoenix & Blimburn´s Chocolopez

    DOB Nov 19th. Left one (DP), right one (Choco) :rasta: Both topped :dance013: Transplanted them to 11 litre pots and they loved! :whee: Dark Phoenix Chocolopez
  7. Sourbluej

    Hunting for Blueberry & Gas - Dj Short 90’s Blue, HSC Blueberry Pancake , SkunkTek Gas Cap, AJ Sour Diesel & others

    Thanks for stopping by and checking out the grow. In and out the hobby but just looking to dig for some old nostalgic smoke. Blueberry was a personal hit from high school and of course the elusive sour diesel. STRAINS 4x Gas cap - Skunktek 3x Blueberry Pancake - Humboldt Seed company 4x...
  8. socialgrow

    Help! Base mix is too hot, what can I do?

    Hello everyone! I'm a new ish grower, on my 4th or 5th organic auto run. Before we get into it, my girls are mostly doing fine and I'm kinda overreacting, but I'm shooting for perfect and I wanna learn whatever some more experienced folks can teach me. Feel free to dump lots of info on me...
  9. socialgrow

    Day 70 Organic Auto Jack Herer Deficiencies

    Hi everyone, first time poster on IC Mag. Help! My day 70 ILGM Jack Herer Auto(on the left) is having some issues!! It’s run in 10 gal organic soil (alongside a Green Crack Auto) w worms, top dressed regularly primarily with BAS worm castings. I use happy frog all purpose 6-4-5, rainbow mix...
  10. S

    spoores s spoores

  11. .Blaque_Scheap.

    Sun Grown Genetics

    This dude has got some solid genetics. Very stinky and nice structured plants. He frequently runs 50% off on his site(currently in effect). He always hooks up his packs 12+(I've have received packs that stated 12+ and received 31 seeds e.g. the GM Sno pack plus a freebie which was 13 seeds of...
  12. Diemty

    Classic out northmiddleastatleast

    Hi This year some delicious seeds stuff Fifty north degrees Setup? Pregrowed under som led in april, combined with sun... potted out at beginning of may ,,,due to good weather, normally we waitin to end may Cca 250l of profi airy and good fertilized ground plus bit compost as a grow fert we...
  13. led05

    Sun on my back; Dirt on my hands - Ledo’s Land

    I’ve been encouraged a handful of times to start a thread here so will acquiesce, get ready for crickets & a whole lot of self deprecation…my humor is often lost on others, apologies in advance.. I’ve been growing organically on and off a long time but past 7-8 years intensely on an acre of...
  14. .Blaque_Scheap.

    Week 3 Flower

    Had to pull quite a few males and a few herms. These all went into the ground on 6/19/22. I believe I posted some before pics just after they got into the ground. Oni Seed Co.-Tropicana Punch Sun Grown Genetics-Crippler x Wedding Cake x Blue Mac Sun Grown Genetics-GM Sno Right...
  15. MrBreeze911


    Has anyone ever heard of or used hydrafiber shredded wood grow medium in their soil or soilless mixes before? I know it can be used with coir or peat or by itself in indoor non-organic grows. I am wondering if anyone here has ever used this product in any capacity growing marijuana because I...
  16. .Blaque_Scheap.

    Movin’ Along

    GM Sno(Sungrown Genetics) Porchside(Fems)(Sungrown Genetics)
  17. .Blaque_Scheap.


  18. .Blaque_Scheap.

    The Garden So Far

    GM Sno Crippler x Wedding Cake x Blue Mac Porchside (Sungrown Genetics) Bag seed on left side of the yard. Either Oni Seed Tropicana Punch or Tropicana Kush from last years grow. Also, a palm tree seed germinated on its own. Hopefully I will be able to transplant it into a 15 gallon pot if it...
  19. .Blaque_Scheap.

    GM Sno by Sungrown Genetics

    Outdoor lovin’. 100% germination. I really love the structure of all the beans I popped.
  20. .Blaque_Scheap.

    Pests and Rodents

    I have some beauties in the ground and they have been dealing with ants, a squirrel, and a gopher(it might be gone now). I normally grow in fabric pots and have never been faced with these problems. Anyone have any advice with dealing with these pressures?