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Status of the Michigan Market


I read that only one shop will be open Dec. 1st for the first "rec" shop which will be in Ann Harbor and also that what limited amount of bud they will have will be way higher priced than what y'all can get from friends. Hopefully the new year will see lowered prices and way more shops!


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Look at everything else the Gov has "legalized" here's just two examples.

1)Tobacco, legal but don't get caught growing it!

2)Alcohol, legal but don't get caught making any!

Don't let a fed tax creep in. This is why I am so against nadler's litle deal. President Trump can deschedule just like hemp/CBD.


We were under a sort of drought from mid july till now that outdoor/GH have hit the market. Those that grow quality organic have no worries its like craft beer you cant kill em all

Except most craft beer drinkers are sheepclowns and most craft beer is bitter sheep water only a psychopath could tolerate.

Youve overestimated the American population. Quality is a concept lost on most. Upwards of 95% of Americans would eat chihuahua turds if you shaped them into Hershey kisses.

It all comes down to visuals.. I'm half convinced most people aren't even smoking the weed they buy, just looking at it, from a distance.
I think it’s great now. All I need is my med card and my test results from a state Licensed lab. Processors are buying overages for 3-3500 a P. No sense messing with the black market and racing each other to the bottom. Guess that won’t make sense to some.

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