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Giveaway ICMag 4/20 giveaway

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Well I celebrate 420 by making jelly hash normally. Not possible this year though so hopefully I can just find some nice buds locally to smoke. Ho and 420 is also normally a outdoor planting day for me here in the UK.

My favorite thread would be the polyploid threat that growdoc made around 2012. As I have always been a big fan of anything educational on cannabis genetics.

My greatest moments on icmag was discovering that the forum existed around 2007 after deciding to keep away from UK forums for security. Finding out it's okay to lurk in the background here & people are quite friendly & don't mind.

Anyway hopefully I can log on here in 20yr time & say the same thing to the community here on icmag :smoweed:
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Hello everyone hope everyone is crawling out of hibernation and into hybrids, anywho… This is: How I celebrate 4/20? I bag up 1 gram nuggets ( 1oz. total) and pass them out to random people who I feel they need a little pick me up. I’ve done this since around 1987. I missed a couple years during The COVID-19 , but I tried my best. I could only do this in the suburbs of Bucks in 2020 and 2021. But I still try and do my best to pass it forward…. Puts a smile on most everyone’s face!!

☮️ Tim


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Hello everyone!
Our friends @Seeds Mafia decided to add an extra prize to the giveaway:
25 seeds of your choice

So we are adding the "420club" premium forum access for 6 months as well.
One more lucky user will get a prize on 420! :woohoo:


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I don't have any fun stories. I like to smoke bongs with my significant other and watch Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke.

This year I can smoke bongs of homegrown purple haze. I'm moving up in the world. No more Government Cheese #7

Edit: This year, I will work 14 hours on 420. That doesn't mean I won't still be smoking my purple haze, though.
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1- smoke a joint with weed and some hash
2- When I created an African sativa tradizada from Zambia in 2020, beautiful and big. I have some pictures in my Icemag album.
3-FREE YOUR BUDSHOTS...........III -https://www.icmag.com/threads/free-your-budshots-iii.231772/page-525#post-18595702
I like to come to the forum every day and see new topics, but I like these resin flowers,
There was one about nirvana seeds, where I even posted my old kaya gold looking for information about what was in it.
but I can't find this topic anymore unfortunately.
it was my favorite strain, if anyone knows anything about kaya gold, please tell me
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I think I'll put a big dent in a tasty live resin cart on 4/20 as I peddle assist bicycle around. 😎 A helmet, gloves as well as a lanyard with a vape pen on the end of it is considered priority essential biking equipment in my neighborhood.

I remember back around here in early 2004 that their was slightly over a hundred members online at any given time, with maybe a couple thousand total members,.. membership kept growing but membership exploded back about the time the infamous Overgrow forums "went down" forever.
Happy Anniversary ICMAG!
Its been fun.

Vandenberg :)
View attachment 18981699

Greetings, ever growing ICMAG community!
We are thrilled to announce that this year marks a significant milestone for our forum: it's our 20th anniversary! That's right, it's been 20 years since Gypsy Nirvana created ICMag, and we couldn't be more proud of all that we have accomplished so far.
For this 4/20 we will run a giveaway with prizes. In order to have a chance of winning by random selection, and to have some fun, you have to answer one of the follwing questions in a post in this thread. (Only one answer per user & one post per user is counted as a valid chance. All users participating must be registered as a member of the forum before 1st of April 2024 in order to have a chance to win.)

Questions (PICK ONE);
-How do you celebrate 4/20?
-Which is your most memorable ICMag moment/story?
-Which is your favorite ICMag thread of all time?

Time limit to answer the question is 19 April 2024. Winning users announced on 4/20.

The prizes are:
- A 640W led light (FD6000 Plus from Phlizon)
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- 6 months "420club" premium access to the VIP Lounge and ICMag Archives, comes with a cool tag under your username

-2 packs of 5 seeds from Connoisseur Genetics
Australian Dead Head Feminized
Chem Double d Wrecker Feminized
- 6 months "420club" premium access to the VIP Lounge and ICMag Archives, comes with a cool tag under your username

-1 pack of 10 seeds from Connoisseur Genetics Chocolate N Cherry Ice cream Cake Regular
- 6 months "420club" premium access to the VIP Lounge and ICMag Archives, comes with a cool tag under your username

-25 seeds of your choice from Seeds Mafia
You can check their vendor subforum here:
- 6 months "420club" premium access to the VIP Lounge and ICMag Archives, comes with a cool tag under your username

Many thanks to our sponsors for this event @PhlizonGrowLight, @ojd and @Seeds Mafia.
Good luck!
How do you celebrate 4/20?

I give free bud and hash to everyone I know who smokes. I don't think anyone should have to pay to smoke on 420


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Which is your favorite icmag thread of all time?


I became consumed with why certain things worked good and other things didn't. Lighting was huge, chasing color spectrums, heat ranges etc.
My distain for chemical fertilizers has led me to study and develop Microbial Repositories. I'm not a breeder, but every good breeders work shines even brighter in my greenhouse.

Thanks DJ Short for the inspiration!!!
Much appreciated, farmerlion


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Fun contest!!

The first question seems easiest as I have too many favorite Threads and IC-moments to try to pick one.

I celebrate 4/20 the same way i have for decades, with music all day, great food, and my finest Smoke. Also i like to sprout something new on Our special day.

Best of Luck to everyone!!


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-Which is your favorite ICMag thread of all time?

It has to be the OG kush thread that I pieced together over about 6 years. I knew IC was the place to put the history and I'm so glad that I went down the rabbit hole that I did to find out some things that were even a complete surprise to me. It's my one true major contribution to IC content and I'm really proud of it.
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