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  1. S


    Amongst some freebies i recieved were seeds labeled 'OgSK'. I set a couple off recently and got this female. She is 21 days into 12/12 flowering and is over 5ft tall, thats with a lot of training too as it stretches like crazy during veg and flower. I have a couple of cuttings from it and they...
  2. S


    Heres a plant i have found on my search through a pack of Conkushion seeds. She is quite different to the other couple of females i have come across so far. The other girls have a Bubbs Kush type of structure to them, slower veg growth, slow to branchi, medium yield. This one, although...
  3. B

    Thanks Med-Man from sick patients

    Med Man it's been a while since I got those medical seeds from you. The Black Domina , the silver surfer and the skunk were GREAT , I started late in the year, but got more than a pound on each of these grown in my house and later back yard (march and april) . I still have tinture left of...
  4. B

    Predetermined sex of seeds?

    Does a regular seed already have it's sex predetermined? Or can growing factors play a role? If you have almost perfect conditions, and give her lots of love-will she turn female more often? Just wondering, thanks
  5. S

    Autumn Colours

    Ive recently completed a 2nd run with some Med-Man strains and after a 3 week flush and lowering temps for the last 2 weeks i was rewarded with a nice show of colours. Heres a full tent shot, all Med-Man strains hand watered in coco under a 600w dual spectrum bulb. Strains are, Rock Star...
  6. chefboy6969

    Med Man is a true gentleman

    Hey this is just a shout out to my new buddy med man... He and I have some history on here(we have had some words) but today i actually met the man himself. And i have to say i am very impressed with his genetics and he is someone who stands by his product Not only that I have changed my...
  7. F

    OG x SK1

    this is my second run with this strain I have 2 pheno's of it I call this my mutant pheno and I have a grape pheno the first pic is the mother and why I call it my mutant pheno . overall a great strain has a very strong strawberry smell and taste nice strong high was very easy to grow and trim...
  8. S_a_H

    Med-man Headband

    Was given some seeds back in January and been in the bloom room for about 5-6 days. 1 seed cracked but I think it was to wet and never did anything. 3 were male and tossed 8 were females Once I harvest some other plants and there is more room to move around and take better pictures i'll get...
  9. D

    Med man Painkiller

    Just finished the last of a med man painkiller outdoor harvest from summer 2012. Strongest outdoor I have grown. sweet hash, lemon funk very quick 100% germination untrained plant growth tight and vertical. responded well to early topping and supercropping. average yield. 4oz dry from 10...
  10. F

    Rockstar Kush

    got my RSK seeds in the mail last friday jan 31 I planted them right away in peat pellets all 13 sprouted by thursday feb 6 im really impressed with how fast they sprouted :) can't wait for harvest time ::biggrin:
  11. C

    first experince with med man seeds

    Hey y'all just popped some silver skunk and this is how far they made it in 18 hrs , pretty fast in my book
  12. C

    look what came in the mail today

    Med man gear BALLIN!
  13. Tonygreen

    silver skunk bx1 testers

    From here Just want to make sure I havent missed the announcement or anything, did they go out or we still waiting? I bleached my veg room and wiped it down twice this week muahahahaahahahaha
  14. 6


    Hey yah,ll this is my thread I'm starting to show of medmans gear. I am cutting running a 2.k flower room. And a veg room. I am currently running head band, wcsd,headband, and last bugs og. Hope yah,lo enjoy.
  15. Kush4me

    Med-Man Brand Ladybug Kush. PPK, WCSD, and bonus

    Here are some pictures of some med-man beans I just popped. I will try and keep you updated on this. I used the med-man method to pop these and it worked great. I lost 3 out of 50 (my fault)
  16. F

    Medman delivers !

    Just thought I would say thanks to Thaddeus (Med man) for great service and delivering the goods! Kerosene kush Purple painkiller Rock star kush & Conkushion ! Making some room for the new goodies. Seriously have high hopes for these as I am well versed in quality ganja. From early overgrow to...
  17. budelight

    med-man brand Beta Test: *Silver Skunk BX1 F2*

    This is the test grow log of med-man brand genetics. The seeds which will be grown out are a F-2 generation and the "pheno selected (for F2) is a beast in smell and yield". Cut that was BX'ed was: Leaning more to the silver pearl side of things. Had really thick Branches Buds appear to be...
  18. med-man

    TESTERS NEEDED - silver skunk bx1

    hi guys back again for a 2014 tester round!!! this time maple ridge bc's famous silver skunk (silver pearl x maple ridge skunk) aka maple ridge blueberry, the viper and remos blue cheese. i prefer the original breeders name though. the pheno i selected was leaning more to the silver pearl...
  19. H

    Oxy Cotton

    I received my beans a few days ago, popped them in my remaining spongepots and I expect a 100% germ. Medman, do you have anymore info? Flowering Time? I will post pics of my progress. Pics of the seedlings coming soon. Also, I do not take the greatest pics due to limited eyesight , I will do...
  20. J

    2 phenos of concushion and master kush

    con one is earthy heavy yeild, with other much more pungent and stronger, i like the one better. what do you like? master kush phenos both heavy, one smells alot like the con but heavier and def a keeper. gonna go for purple pain killer next. thanks med