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Sittin in my shed....


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Was planning to repot this morning, but the pain is too much so I’ve just dosed up on painkillers and having a joint with coffee to see if that helps.
Got a few 2mg Valium in the cupboard for emergencies but I’d rather not use them if I don’t have to
Fingers crossed 🤞 as these things are begging to be repotted
I once heard that coffee enhances the effect of weed ie it makes you even more stoned. is this true or can you not tell any difference?


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I once heard that coffee enhances the effect of weed ie it makes you even more stoned. is this true or can you not tell any difference?
It’s hard for me to say as I’ve always been a coffee drinker (I’ll get shot for saying I prefer instant but I stand by it) … I’ve been drinking coffee since before I started smoking.
I have noticed that friends I’ve taken to Amsterdam who don’t drink it seem to get very sleepy long before those who do, so maybe it enhances the smoke because it can be enjoyed for longer?
It’s the perfect combination in my opinion


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😂yes…. There are still a few phone booths in my area (mostly converted into mini libraries) so I told her what they were and she said she’s seen a few but assumed they were public toilets 🤣
yeah,all toilet cubicles I´ve ever used had windows, lol!!! :biglaugh:
Should have told her that they´re secret elvators which take you underground. You won´t believe who I´ve met down there when i still lived in London!
I mean Judi Dench, James Bond, Harry Potter and his mates, And a couple of routes actually take you right into Buckingham Palace. St. James Palace was nice too but they ran out of booze too quickly.
I managed to sneak into Wembley stadium to see AC/DC. Oh no wait - THAT one was just wishful thinking.


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by the time i modify coffee to where i can drink it, it's hot chocolate. but i'll give it a try. i seem to need more/earlier naps these days... :shucks: :confused:
I´ve been suffering from fatigue and it got far worse after my first 2 covid shots. I occasionally take a really small dose of DMAE and it works really well.
It´s a gentle but noticable pick me up. But it must be taken in the morning meaning before lunch time because it´s long lasting and it may interfere with sleep.
it´s a lot better than coffee as it dosn´t make my heart race or mess up blood pressure etc :)

another thing I meant to add to the general health thread but forgot to.... :sleep: