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Hello again! Don't forget to write a message with your forum username when you subscribe to us on patreon. I still have a member from yesterday that I can't upgrade because no ideea about who he is on here. If you supporting us but don't have a Premium user tag under your username please check patreon or pm me here.
Thank you everyone for your support! :joint:
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pure dynamite
Can you please explain how the new membership members will be able to comply with this and still trade/gift?
And, what about "commoners" that don't have deep enough pockets to join.. Does this rule still apply to them?

7. Solicitations: Threads or posts soliciting or offering the buying/selling/trading/swapping/testing/giving of seeds, clones, pollen, cannabis, hash, money or any other substance or article is not permitted and will be deleted, with the member subjected to banning without warning. Threads or posts dealing with illegal drugs other than cannabis are not permitted and will be deleted.
7a. Wish lists of varieties placed in posts, threads, or the members 'signature line' area will be deleted by admin as doing so is deemed an attempt to circumvent site policy regarding solicitations.

I would guess that I may not be the only one wondering and pondering about this. Thanks, and much obliged! :smoke:
Hello @cola ,
Our rules will be updated and the Trading Post in the Veteran/Premium area will allow sharing genetics within the rules we will work on setting soon.
There will also be contests in which regular members can win premium status for a while.
Hope you understand that we are trying to make our forum better and get a budget to keep it here and relevant for a long time. We did not take any previous offered benefits from users to make this happen, and we are committed to keep it this way.


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Can I just quickly check something? I'm assuming Plod can't just make an account, take a few quid out of the tea and coffee jar, and get access to our v.i.p. area? Surely there has to be some minimum level of engagement necessary to even be able to pay to gain access, or it's not VIP it's just pay per view. A different concept entirely.

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It's a work in progress - I guess that we will have to change the terms of use (TOU) - to reflect an approach of applying your own cannabis laws - whatever nation you reside in - to your choices of where to trade - and what to trade in - so long as it is within the laws of the nation where you reside - or trade with - since there are so many nations where cannabis is legal or semi-legal these days - Germany just legalized - and more to come I'm sure - so its not up to ICMAG to determine - its down to the members to make those choices -


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Thanks guys, have you announced what happens 1 year after you get your 'Veteran' badge?
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something to look forward to.....