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Cream Caramel, Green Poison, Jack 47, and Killer Kush (ALL FAST VERSION)

im putting out the final numbers on the GP. I pulled a clean 7 ounces and another ounce or so of popcorn. I been smoking her as time goes by and its a keeper for sure. the flavor on her is similar to old school pine tree with a lemon hint. not to be funny but she is very skunky before you break up a bud, when the bud is broken its more of a onion diesel smell? the high is one of my favorites on a few occasions I felt like I was kissing the sky just floating away. I will post up some pics of what I have left of her but im down to just a half ounce, I gave away all of it to friends except for the last ounce and half. DZ helped me out when he gave me GP and I appreciate it, thank you buddy!


I'm glad everyone's happy

Porkie 8oz from that is very commendable

To purpz what did your beast weigh in at?
Nice porkie! Great job!

Haven't weighed it yet brotha. Still slow drying/curing the vast majority. Wanna wait until it cures proper to give a weight. Only smoked about a gram off of it, but I did share a couple ounces. I'll just add 2 ounces to my final weight.


Porkie! 8 ounces ain't bad at all! I'm glad you're enjoying the smoke and that so much good came from just that one plant! You're welcome :)

I've been curing the branch you gave me and will post up some pics of the buds later. All in all the GPFV #5 turned out to be quite awesome.

Here is some of what I have left of buds


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I meant waas that the plant that got sprayed by your stinky garden visitor
yeah its the plant that got skunk juice on her. DZ can chime in about the smoke I believe he has puffed it recently. the sample DZ has is about 12 days cut earlier then what I have for myself, should be different but similar I would think
just want to thank the guys at SWEET SEEDS they put out quality genetics! I don't do seeds but when the time comes for me to start I will be buying the SAD and GP seeds. Tommy give your breeders a pat on the back they do great things
When the laws change and they decide to come to USA Im gonna be first in line after DZ for a vendor's booth! I
totally love sweet seeds right now! Doing my best to spread it across the state. No more crappy weed here soon!

One of my buddies is doing a mega-grow. trying to get him setup with SS genetics, particularly Green Poison! he saw my last plant and was amazed, wants to fill his warehouse up with GP! Sweet Seeds Take Ovah Boston!


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Do u think the fast versions could get 6-7 ft tall outdoors if vegged indoors first? Put it outdoors in may 3ft all.

For sure man! My Sweet skunk FV would touch 2.5 metres (8+ feet) if I let him go.
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That's a nice closeup shot! Start the countdown timer.. in another 4 or 5 weeks yours will probably be ready for chop! I'm also starting to see some nice pinks and purples coming in so if she displays some nice fall colors that will be a nice bonus!

Sweet Seeds has this neat info graphic regarding their Fast Versions in the 2015 catalog. Check it out..

Next season I'm going to try Sweet Skunk FV, S.A.D. FV, and Cream Mandarine FV in super soil outdoors. These F1 FV's are hella fast that's for sure!


Hey DZ, what a great chart! Thank you for this.

I am considering Cream Mandarine FAST for OUT for next season as well. Haven’t you seen any pictures around? I have found only indoor or regular flowering time pics, but not exactly CM FV OUT. To see how the Sweet Skunk FV performed OUT you can check my diary here https://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=314417

Tommy G

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Right where it belongs. Definitely the best grow diary of 2015 from the 20 cannabic forums where we have a subforum.

Cheers and sweet smokes :tiphat: