This is gonna be a 6000 watt downstairs in a bedroom growshow. The strain is Sour Grapes. I have never done all one strain B4 so I am very happy about that. All the clones are bug free, I am happy about that too.I am using the following for equipment.

Three 4 x 8 trays that are white

2 100 gallon "open air" resovoirs:yoinks:

2 sets of 2000 watts cool tubes, amazing product , has worked well for me.

2 1000 watt Sunleaves HID lights

60 2 gallon pots

Basic coco coir and perlite 80/20 mix

Open Sesame , Beastie Bloomz and Cha Ching .

Advanced nutes Grow Micro and Bloom

6 Non Digital ballasts:1help:

I must say the ebb and grow is remarkable. Here they are one week in. Have reduced plant count to 20 plants per 4 by 8 tray. As my grow skills improve daily my plant count also shrinkith....The taller ones in back are Chemdog D original cut.

Should I top them now??
Here is my mother room. All I have for a few days. I have Chemdog D , Casey Jones , Double Purple Doja , Sweet Tooth , Genius x Deep Chunk , GDP and Sour Grapes.......




Ive seen maybe similar cuts of the sour grape, casey jones and chemdog d!!!Didnt get to sample the sourgrapes but the other two were great. Good luck

The pics didnt work


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too bad i would like to see those

try using imageshack.us instead
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Planted today!! 8 week countdown. Set your life to the grow!

2k cooltubes with 20 Sour Grape Tray number 1 . Vegged for 12 days in Ebb and Grow system.



Advanced fanning system

Ghetto resovoir off craigslist

Ghetto resovoir off craigslist

Hey this room cost me 1800 for 6k in lights ,300 for 3 used trays, 400 for electrical, 250 for Carbon Filter , 100 for 2 resovoirs ,60 for clones and 500 for misc stuff. Not bad..:noway:



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getting some serious bang for your buck! nice work looks great. have you ran the open sesame, beastie bloomz and cha ching before if so how were your results?
I like all three products. At week 4 of flower I do a 3 day plain water ph balance flush and then add the beastie bloomz with a fresh resovoir after and the buds swell to golfballs or bigger (they did this last grow anyway in this setup) . I dont really know if I see a difference with the cha ching. Anyone else use a different supplement that works well?
Micro, I've been a guest in your rooms and man I gotta say no one does it like you. I'm merely a wannabe when it comes to the skill you have. Talk about sacrifice. When you say "human thigh" you mean it. Don't make me tell everyone the diaper story.Lol. Now quit typing and get my clones ready.



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Tray 1.
5- Deep Chunk x strawberry cough. (DCSC)
7- Genius x Deep chunk (GC or Genius)
2- Blackberry Kush (BBK)
20- Grape ape, silvrback (GA)
7- Catpiss Super silver haze (CP)
8- Strawberry cough, Kyle Kushman's cut (SC)
1- hindu kush x skunk #1 (HS)

Tray 2
7- Chemdog sister (CS or Sis)
2- Bubba Kush, pre 98 (BK)
8- Sweet tooth #4 (ST)
23- Sour Grapes (SG)
5- ChemDog D (CD)