5gal buckets of Coco


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That really is something else my friend, great work.

Are you using a combination of coco and perlite or any other additives? I am very interested in growing in coco, possibly in pots as you do!

Thanks and again, just beautiful!


with 12k you should be pulling 25 to 27 with co2 in a sealed room. with 18k you should be pulling 38-40. just some pound numbers to go by.

LOL wow there are a lot of variable that go into that strain,veg time, nutes etc. It dont just grow on trees like most people think(no pun intended)


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5gal buckets of Coco

Sg I use canna coco right out of the bag but instead of using there Coco A b as the nutes I use the Cogr line which is from canna aswell but unlike the coco a b it has a separate veg and flower formula... The coco a b is the same formula veg-flower..

KushKing these went 35 days.. But I veg with my 1k's :joint:


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Let me just say that this is a beautiful iteration of a controlled environment!

I am super interested in seeing photos throughout veg stages as well. What are your rules of thumb for training them?

Did you veg these in the same chamber, and just turn more lights on as they grew?

Thanks so much for sharing this journal man. Keep up the killer work. I'm continually impressed by the fuckem crew!
Well, it was a good read right up to the last. What happened? Any updates? I had some questions but I smoked a bowl between then and now, again.

Oh yeah, those 50L bags of Canna Coco I see for sale in the $20 range, how many 5 gallon buckets would those fill?