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5gal buckets of Coco


My Paper Cuts Dont Heal..
for those that remember my last run, i used 18gal containers this time im trying the 5.. I do find my self flooding it more often then the 18 but im thinking i'll get the same results if not prolly better being that they are getting more frequent feedings..

next run will be drip feeding instead of flooding so we'll be experimenting some more:joint:

canna coco with the COGR line of nutes... no boost, no pk 13/14 i will be adding some bloombastic if i get the chance of grabbing it this week:joint:

26days in:woohoo:








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Damn right man, looks like an awesome setup and great plants. :respect:

Just gonna pull up a chair and watch you do the damn thing.


Dude, why dont you get more lights?

J/K, awesome grow.

I'll bet that you'll yield close to the same in 5G buckets. Just a hunch.


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wowsers! Is that 26 days from when they started to bud, or from when the 12/12 began?
Being on this forum is a humbling experience for sure.
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My Paper Cuts Dont Heal..
MrBitti, the strain is called JACK most prolly Jack Herer.. there 1k's :joint:

est. yield, not certain this is the second round with the strain and coco, first round i used 18gal pots tho and each jack gave me 8-9 oz's..

inreplyavalon, thats 26 days from the time they got there FIRST 12 hour light cycle.. i put them to sleep for 36-48 hours when i switch to flower so u can consider it day 27 if you want maybe?

Cali, thanks for stopping by :joint:


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interested in the flood/drip comparison and the pot sizes.. thanks

how many plants you got?
It looks like maybe not all your lights are lit up, are you doing some kind of flip flop, where you switch back and forth between different light sets in the same room to simulate a light mover?:chin:

Or is it just me not seeing things right and you really do have a billion 1Ks all lit up at once?:yoinks:

Whatever the case, IMPRESSIVE grow!


My Paper Cuts Dont Heal..
thanks whistler, some are actually shut off.. i took the pics soon as the lights come on and i have them on seperate contactors with delays so one set turns on then a couple minutes later the next set etc...

this is just to not create one big pull when its time for sunrise :joint:


My Paper Cuts Dont Heal..
whodi i usually veg for 30 days, these went about 35 as i had some that for some reason remained a bit shorter so i had to give em time to hit the 2nd net.

i hope so, i hope the drip works out next round instead of the flooding aswell, i'll save a nice chunk of change in food:joint:


i hope my space grows up to look like yours some day!!!!!! its fukn beautiful!!!!! my blood pressure went way up after lookn at those pics!!! peace djxx


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wow those plants are huge, making me reconsider the small ass plants im growing right now.

you only vegged those 30 days?? those plants look massive outdoor sized, maybe the pics are fooling me right now.

thats an impressive grow, 15k? your power bill must be through the roof!! you are way above most of us on the ladder my friend!

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asher1er, your grows never cease to amaze me! I see you got rid of the cooltubes, how do those hoods compare?
I cant wait to see your drip setup.


My Paper Cuts Dont Heal..
thanks fellas, yeah usually veg 30 days these went 35..

only reason i had the cool tubes up was cause all my hoods where used up elsewhere n there was no funds at the time for other projects.. these hoods are shitty cheapy hoods but they get the job done:joint:

prop, theres 12k in there.. the size of the room is really only an 8k room but with the 8 my ac barely kicked on giving me tons of humidity and radiant heat, with the 12 the ac kicks on way more often and things look a bit better in there :joint:

thanks to all you for the kind words n good vibes:abduct: