grow diary

  1. N

    Flipping to Flower in 1 Gal Pots

    Whatsup fellow growers, I am flipping some reg seeds to flower. I currently have them in a 1 gal, I am not trying to run into root bound problems so I decided to send them to flower tonight. Do they look healthy? Here are some photos of the babies in 1 gals. They are Sin City Coconut Cloud (rs11...
  2. N

    Ethos Samo 78 Clone

    I have a Samo 78 clone. This thing has been through hell put on a 12/12 light cycle because I only had one tent at the time and than I decided to put her baxk to re vegging. Anyway she is doing fine but I did not let her grow too high. I want to start to flower this plant. This week or next week...
  3. P

    PoorDad's Tent

    Sewn Sep-08-2023 Popped up Sep-13-2023 This is my 1st time with autos. I'm used to growing with regular photos. I'm using a 2 chamber tent. The flowering area is 48 x 48 x 80 inches. The seedling area is 48 x 12 x 80 inches. Tent: I'm using a Vivosun tent. Royal...
  4. mangojones

    mangojones grows Seeds Mafia!!

    Finally got my seeds in after some USPS shenanigans. I can't see which seeds I requested, but I am pretty sure I requested autoflowers. It's not a huge problem, I just might flip them to flower a little early so they finish in time for the contest. I've got two autopots ready for this contest...
  5. bfcrew

    Sativa's Lover Diary - BFCrew's Garden

    Hi guys, let me introduce myself I'm basically a new grower but at the moment is my #3rd grow. So let me explain my setups: 1 of 5x5 Spider Farmer Grow tent with SE1000W + SF UVA Supplemental Light 2 of 3x3 Spider Farmer Grow tent with SE3000 (one with SF UVA Supplemental Light) 1 of 2x2...
  6. K

    Seeds Mafia Competition (Auto's)

    So typical . I've posted pics and need them here now . Try to transfer later . Tonight I have put 2 Auto Amnesia (A:A) and 2 Purple Kush (A:KP) into some reclaimed soil , small 3-4" pots . As I have had a learning curve with Auto's I've opted for a full loose loaded pot . Bean sat on top of a...
  7. JediMasterDanno

    Il giardino dello Jedi

    Buongiorno!!! Mi presento sono un Grower da piu o meno 13 anni, seguo il forum da tantissimo in incognito e finalmente ho deciso di condividere con voi il mia room. Faccio una premessa, tutto quello che vedrete puramente per consumo personale (mi fumo 10/15 g al giorno lol ) e grazie al cielo...
  8. Seeds Mafia

    Competition Seeds Mafia Competition!

    🌱📸 Join our contest! We're a newcomer to this community, so we'd like to announce a contest for everyone, a chance for you to share your experience and the beauty of plants, from the moment they sprout out of tiny seeds to the generous harvest! If you love growing plants and have photos and...
  9. StickyBandit

    Diary of My MAHAKALA Strains

    I'm investing some time and one of my grow spaces to growing some @MAHA KALA strains for a while All seeds are very vigorous so far and the strains seem well thought out and a lot of time and effort invested in the end result I'll do my best to give some basic smoke reviews but I have almost no...
  10. 420PyRoS

    My seed whore adventures. Where bad idea's are born.

    Hi there, this is mostly just my rantings and ravings about all things cannabis and just whatever, man. Some past grows, mixed in with seed whoring and attempts to get seeds sprouted once more. I'm currently not able to grow at the moment, but I'm hoping to do a real bad idea guerrilla style...
  11. N

    Summer 2022 6x6 greenhouse grow soil

    Hello fellow growers, Here to share my growing journey this summer. Growing 3 plants in 6x6 greenhouse from clones from local dispensary. Follow along and enjoy the ride until harvest!