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Thai x Panama


Sorry for the bad pic but it was preharvest without the lights running.
My thaipan was cut with 103d 11/13. don't remember exactly when but the lights were reduced to 10,5/13.5 roughly half way through.


In the background is super malawi haze


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Showing quite a lot of Thai traits in flowering with such a foxtailed flower structure @ilovegrowing.

I insist on the nitrogen toxicity; it hinders proper reflowering in these tropicals and causes premature ripening. Excessive nitrogen in flowering also decreases the THC potential of the plant, storing it in excess and resulting in harsh smoke later. I would recommend flushing with the correct pH and letting the plant absorb its own nutrients before feeding strongly again.


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Yeah, you are totally right. Soil is too hot for most of my mostly or pure sativa plants.
Im just feeding water to my living soil mix since the start. I will try your tip with the flushing and will mix the next soil with only half the nutes, and rather topdress if its necessary. I already had way better results in structure and budmass with the same plant. So yes, too much nitrogen aint good for what i want to achieve. Thx 🙏