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super simple home depot recirculating hydro bed 4x12


Been a long time member here and lurker before that. it dawned on me i should share this system I recently built through some trial and error. Testing of my concept on a smaller scale first 2ft x 12ft and expanding it to its current implementation 4x12 with some lessons learned which i will share now.

This all started because i wanted to run hydro and have a pretty foolproof system i could leave for longer periods of time 7-14 days. i started with each plant in an individual bag with invidual feed lines. chased all the issues with drippers and clogs tried different filter setups and tbh nothing worked long term using any poly line or dripper (i tried 5 different ones). I then went to the raised beds running the same sog density and tested different feeding solutions until i came upon this so far no clog feed system.

to supply the table I have a veg area that I take/make clones, veg in 3" and then 6" pots to a height of around 18" that runs flood and drain
I will share that setup in an alternate thread here 3 tier flood and drain

current table build
covers a 4ft x 12ft
4 - 480w quantum boards lm301h ir uv 660nm covering this area
6 - 2x4 fabric raised beds filled with perlite
1 - adjustable interval timer
1 - ecoplus585 convertible bottom draw pump
1 - pvc manifold (build pics and explanation below)
1 - rain gutter
2 - end caps
2 - cheapo poly roof panels for sheds 12ft x ~32"
1 - 38gallon tote (can use a bigger one and run it under the table if you adjust the table height so that gutter clears)
1 - frame (build pics and explanation below)

Frame parts list
until i can update with all the exact measurements ill describe it is a sloped table 6" higher on one end drains into a rain holes drilled in middle that drain into 38gal rez
built from
2x4 12ft

mount rez
mount rain gutter (caulk ends and complete mounting surface)
attach roof panel (caulk heavily at base mount)
position and fill raised beds

Pump manifold parts list
1 - fem garden hose to 3/4"
1 - male garden hose to 3/4"
6 - 90 elbows
2 - 3 way (T)
1 - 4 way (X)
1 - 3/4" ball valve
5 - 10ft 3/4" PVC

assemble and drill feed holes

this run and last run i ran sog 8 plants per 2x4 bed. bubba x dosido

timer was set to water for 45 seconds on 5 mins off (current run 20 off)

nutrient line
supernatural bloom aqua
canna pk13/14
supernatural bud blaster
gh silicate

molasses even though I run dead rez. Dont know if it works or not, but this is my old recipe and you let me know how you think it turned out.

i run dead rez using a solution i make from a pool chemical

last 10 days i stopped adding any nutes and let them use up what was left until my ppms dropped to about 200-300 then i flushed the medium and rez and refilled with ro water.

any questions feel free i will be updating with pics/video of both plants and system
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reservoir and plumbing ball valve for draining reservoir

view of table and lighting
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That was a great grow show 007. Your system is very efficient and not complicated so seems reliable.

Those bubba x dosido buds look fantastic.


That was a great grow show 007. Your system is very efficient and not complicated so seems reliable.

Those bubba x dosido buds look fantastic.
thanks if anyone wants more info ask away, im really happy with this cut unfortunately the one i really wish i kept i neglected before i had a contained system like i built for my veg room. lucky she is close and goes almost as dark just need to feed her a little more heavy earlier on next time.her scent is unmistakebly bubba with just with more gas frost color and potency