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Super Silver Sour Thai Nevil straight to 11/13 SCROG water only.


Hi folks
Got my seeds @30.12. and picked the 3 darkest of them.


They went into the water for less than 24h and then in the wet paper towel untill today.


All 3 are cracked today so they went into the soil.



I grow in coots mix with additions in 90l pots with no drainage wholes.

For the 90l i used
30l sonnenerde bio schwarzerde
10l coco and cork
20l living sphagnum
10l basalt rocks
10l pumice
10l perlite

1.5cp/225g kelp
1.5cp/225g neem cake
1.5cp/75g shrimp meal
3cp/750g oyster shell
3cp/840g basalt rock flour
3cp/900g neudorff rock flour
6cp/690g malt
3cp/480g gypsum
Addition to basic coots mix are
1.5cp/165g biovin
1.5cp/240g horse dung pellets(2-2-2)
1.5cp/165g zeobas ultrafein
1.5cp/345g bodengranulat naturrein.



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Hi folks


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Still waiting if #3 comes up. I used bti tablet(like mosquito dunks) because of fungus gnats and imo i drowned her. Maybe i get a nice clone from a shop to fill the spot.

2-4 inches of perlite on top of the soil is always my first solution for any sort of gnat. Always worth trying, because it's impossible to fuck up and harm your plants, and perlite is cheap. Little to lose. Just an idea.