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Seed Making & Medical Grow 2024


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Here's a green pheno from Dosidos22#2 x Burmese Border. Huge main bud with loose structure. Lot of loose calyx forming a bud lol. Smells really good . She's got a bit to go


You pick classic lines to work with Mrkushman. I am very fond of canadian scene and it’s always a relief to see the older lines in capable hands. This thread feels like when i first jumped online and every photo and description was mindblowing haha. You inspired me to plant a few more seeds for a project im doing


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Been a busy few weeks here, I got the whole Mighty Mite seed crop taken down and drying. Got a shitload of seeds. Gonna work on getting them broken down and sorted the next week or two. Got everything cleaned up and scrubbed down.

Just waiting for a few things to come together then will start the kush reversal project for fem seeds. Which will hopefully be finished for the summer time .

Here is my Dosidos22#2 cut full of Mighty mite seeds. This clone I found after popping multiple packs of Dosidos22 f2 purchased the day they became available to the public.
It hits hard, makes me feel like I took a dab. It's strong weed.



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Stardawg Corey
1st run in the building with her, and im quite Impressed. Huge buds , tons of resin , great smell. Kinda reminds me of my old stardawg f1 pheno I had from his first drop of stardawg on seedbay back in 2007... wish I still had that clone too. I also hit this plant up with Mighty Mite pollen and Stardawg F2 pollen.