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Seed Making & Medical Grow 2024


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Haven't been on this site in years, came back to find some old friends and make some new ones.
If ya know me say hello, if ya don't say hello anyways lol.
I grow medically and have a few rooms for production, collect lots of clones, make lots and lots of seeds, do reproduction seed crops.
Smoke alot of nugs and hash. I love cannabis.
Been working alot of landrace and pure sativas lately...I do this for fun now. Haven't sold a seed In years
Might not be the most high tech grow but it's all mine and I work for myself.
Never ending work that is lol
Enjoy the ride
Recent crop of Baby Yoda , killed it this round massive nugs
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Have pulled off 13 seed crops since covid started. 200+ hybrids and reproductions completed since then.

Got 3 more lined up and growing,and possibly a few more before the year is out.Pretty much addicted to making seeds lol.
2023 is all about popping seeds I made
Always busy doing something

Baby yoda


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great work. the hindu kush you have looks like a great phenotype. i went through 5 packs of sensi hindukush last year and didn't find many worthy keepers, and the one i pollinated that i thought was the best of the bunch took 10 weeks to finish .