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Haze talk


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Not exactly sure on what this one is but I can see some of the OTH male I used for a load of crosses a year ago.


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Hey Bmac1! Nice pick with the Strawberry Sour Haze! I had one plant from seed some years ago and I found her pics in my thread. Mine was super vigorous and very SSSDH dom, which is not a bad thing at all :) It was the biggest plant in the grow. Here are the pics from 2018:
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She looks very nice. Thanks for posting. I got 100% germination on these so I can't wait to see what I find.


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Talk about waiting… still no sex determination. Been over 3 weeks. Plants can still be moved, so when they do sex I can pick the best two females, and move males away. Love the bag system.

I can’t get a pic to load….
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Pearls and Wheats are always the ones I find to have the most profound resin experience.
When I unwrapped and dissected the best Thai Sticks back in 1972 this is what I found tied around that stick. Long strings of stacked calyx's.
To cure and preserve I vac seal and remove as much oxygen as possible, it only gets better, but is good as soon as it's dry.
Yes, you don't harvest huge quantities but you only need half a pinner and you are overwhelmed with bliss.
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Here are a few pics from day 10 of flower on these sour strawberry haze. First week was 12/12 and just yesterday I switched to 11/13.

There is quite a bit of variation in these 6 ladies and its always exciting when they start showing themselves.


The 2 in the front are both a bit shorter and not quite as vigorous as the middle 2 sour strawberry haze. These 2 are pretty similar in size and structure.

The middle left strawberry is really taking off with that Haze vigor. She is right there with the 2 ghost train Haze plants in the back.

The strawberry on the middle right is just behind the most vigorous neighbor and she is quite branch which I like. She has a very interesting scent on a stem rub too. I do get a sweetness like a berry scent. Its quite nice.



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