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Happy Brother...with a twist of ChemD


Karma Genetics

That sound like a wonderfull, smoke. I am happy all the happy brother BX1 test are going so well. Thanks for this great test thread T. and looking forward to your smoke report on your keeper.


nice man that is a tasty looking bud,,might have to check out some of Karma's work,,,glad you found some great smoke,,,peace


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Looks killer, Ilike the description of the smell great report


black licorice/hashy/incense!!!!! sounds good to me!!!! delicious!!! peace djxx


its me Dave man open up the door...
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ok here we go, the keeper :D ...





sorry this is a lil blurry...


ok so the smell is like no weed i ever grew or smelled before,this really factored into the decision to keep her even before i knew how absolutely bomb the weed is.the smell is definetly hashy
theres a hint of something there thats spicy/fruity,some real unique smells going on in this jar no doubt...
as far as bag appeal goes man o man does she look purty ?!!!? and these buds are ROCK HARD.when you break off a small nug it breaks up real nice to a fat j...like the one i just smoked hehehehe...
the taste is unlike any of the weeds in my stable,just as unique if not more so then the smell...its real hashy to me,has a f'n donky kick to it too...chesto expando re-arrange-o :joint: ... its after taste just stays with you like...."smoke another one of me,im the bomb"
i dont usualy get this but it has an eyelid dropping effect like...i can tell my eyes are heavy,or look like im stoned.i never get like that even when i was a kid,im a heavy smoker and this never happens so it feels weird LMAO...real cool to feel like a new stoner hehehehe.
i smoked like 1/2 the fatty an hr ago and i feel fantastic..its some lay ur ass down shit for sure if you smoke that little bit too much...:sparks the other 1/2: :joint:
like i said above this is some choker if ur not careful with it...i havnt smoked it in the bong yet but i know it is gonna be some fun hehehehe...
this is the kind of weed that gets you high ...then higher...then higher,then keeps you there for a nice time....no tiny 15-30 minute buzz off this for sure....you will be feelin good no matter what ur doin.it has a little bit of a body buzz goin to it with a strong ass head buzz.i have to say im a BIG indy fan,sats are cool but i LOVE me some great indy,THIS IS GREAT INDY...the buzz keeps on coming.
i would definetly recommend for anyone who can get these in ur stable to get them in there asap...when the word starts to spread on these its gonna be like wildfire....
i would definetly not tell you guys something that wasnt true...THIS WEED IS THE TRUTH...
i can see Happy Brother BX1 turning into one of the "must haves" this chik is gonna have so many indy heads in love....
thank you Karma for the oppurtunity to grow these out man...i will get the others going as soon as im situated into the new diggs.
they are goin though from all my F.A.M. that has started them already.

....everyone thanks for tuning in to the Happy Brother show.any and all comments are more then welcome,i will answer any questions that i mighta missed during the report,im super stoned so i'll blame it on that :joint: :muahaha:
lookin forward to seeing what ya think of the keeper...
i know i LOVE it...

Karma Genetics

Boooooooom Booooooooooooom the test report from the plant that people selected as there keeper, they are all HB ha ha..... Its the new kid coming to look.

I think that it will evantly get the rep. it deserve\s But as you know i aint a hyper he he....

People have to find out for themself and i gues a few already did. Yeah bro let here go, and flood the us with some HB

Thanks my friend for this great test thread.


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Well, you sold me, T. Unfortunately, I have nothing left of my seed budget for a few weeks. I hope there are plenty of packs... :smoke:

I'll have to 'settle' for my Mirre in the meantime - they should be popping up any ol' time now.



I took anger management already!!!! FUCK!!!
Howzit brother..?? Kickass grow brother from the starting line to the puffing line.. Thanx for the smoke reports mang.. sounds like some goods to get... I'll check ya later.. peace..



its me Dave man open up the door...
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thanks everyone...im glad you enjoyed the show,im enjoying the nugz :joint:
i just have to get a whole crop of these going as soon as i am able....
until the next time...peace-T-


its me Dave man open up the door...
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oops Karma i didnt even see ur post my friend...i would be honored if this was to become a sticky,thanks again for these awesomr beans i will be hangin on to them for the longe run.peave -T-
hey Karma just a quick ? i got some freebies from the bay and it said Karma HB x Chemdog is this happy brother x chemdog????


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wow, nice freebie kushking!!

@ Ton >>> totally excellent thread man, great info and mucho credo to you ;)

yep I scored a pack too bro, will be runnin them dr.bud style fo sho

hello Karma, looking forward to finding a keeper :)


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What is your nutritional value of that Grandma's original molasses bro? I think you are skimping yourself greatly by not using a better grade molasses. Got any health/nature food stores around you? If so, try and get this.... best of the best when using molasses imho.