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Golden Tiger 3rd Thai Dominant version limited edition


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Plan on pulling the GT 3.0 down in the next week. Some amber tricones showing up and very few white pistels remain. Tried a couple small buds last week after a couple of days of drying and was impressed. Will be putting a Killer A5 Haze in the light box next. That killer plant was started outside in June and looks very strong with 2 toppings done to her...


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about 11 & ½ weeks of flowering if i'm sure..


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ACE Seeds Breeder
Glad you are impressed with your GT3 early smoking tests @Chungo :D i'm impressed with the beautiful colas you got despite the heat indoors during summer time, well done! Please, get back to us with a smoke report of your cobs after curing.

Amazing trees you are growing this year @Azure :smoke: hope the weather allows to finish properly what it looks is going to be an epic season!

Excellent gardening job @wutwut o_O wow, truly impressed with the volume of your colas! I'm sure long flowering will be rewarded with a very high yield of very potent, resinous flowers. Thanks a lot for the updates!


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The one in the wild seems like a higher yielding, faster flowering expression @Azure impressive structure and strong arms 💪 Curious to know how they are doing now by end of the month ....
The trichome development is looking great! Plants are getting super frosty and aromatic.
One plant is spicy and the other has a lime scent. I may take them down this weekend but I'll have to see to make sure. The weather is good and will allow then to continue if they need more time.