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Golden Tiger 3rd Thai Dominant version limited edition


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Time to start shaping these 2.


Soil mix was a bit hot for this one so it gets a cover crop.


Hey @dubi thanks my friend. Yes they are the Standard/Regular seeds.


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GT 3.0 after a month of cobing in vacuum packing with B 62% humidity packs. Smells good and leave them out for a couple hours to dry a bit then back in their bags for another 6 weeks.
So I took one cob out for a try yesterday and vacuum packed the rest and put them in the freezer. The effects of the cob I tried was fast as I didn't even finish the first bowel and lasted 3 hours. I smoked a two very small pipe bowel full which had a hint of peppermint taste and very very smooth. Very happy with the results of this grow. Two more months of curing and will try my Killer A5 Haze.