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Hey Stoney,
I made it about halfway through this and went out and bought AN products. I appreciate the exact schedule you gave.
However, if I duplicate the additives, other than the Big Bud or Overdrive, I come up with a much higher ppm than your weekly projected high. Do I use the additives, mixed seperatly in a jar of water and add to the weekly base? If so, how much should I raise the total PPM?
I'm going to give AN a shot because your gains blew mine away. But I later read that you had switched to Tri-Flex. Did it work better for you and if so, do you have an opinon on why and what schedule did you run?
I feel I learned/gained from your thread. Thanks.


I like an but switched to triflex mainly because of price but I did get the most weight with an but there both great by rule I mix my base nutes a 1/2 the recommended rate than I cut additives at 3/4 strength


Stoney what are those lone PVC sticks going straight up?

Can you show a picture of your tray stands without the trays on it?

lastly what are your flood Schedules?


I used a 4 way fitting instead of a 3 way on the corners then put the PVC stick in to attach a net for a scrog or panda plastic on the side of the table and ya I'll snap a few pics when I get the time
I flood every 2 hours for the first week after I transplant than switch to every 4 hours


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Stoney419..All I can say is this is an amazing journal.. I mean really,WoW!Second I should probably say that I'm new to this site..Really,the only reason that brought me to Icmag was when I was searching for SOG grows and found yours! I went through the 34 pages in no time time. I had to be able to talk to with you so I went ahead and created an account..So Hello everyone!!!
I have acouple questions for you Stoney,I read acouple times the "if you have questions"So Im going to seize this amazing opportunity to speak with someone doing amazing things.
1-Do you think a system like yours would be okay with a drip system.. I realize that would be a ton of drippers etc. However,I like the drain to waste idea..Also like the idea of no flood tables(might be able to gain afew extra plants around the sides(and saves me 200plus dollars per bench.
2-If you feel as if a dripper system would work just as well as the flood tables..Would you recommend the same (every 3 hrs feeding for 15 min lights on,once 15 min lights off?Growing medium would be all hydroton.
3-You like 600 for this setup over 1000 watters? What changes in your setup would you have to make to feel as if the 1000 watters were ideal? I own 600 watters and to tell you the truth was just about convinced that the 1000 watters might be the way to go.Now that I convinced myself the sog is what I was looking to do I realize the 600s penetration would be fine..However,I was just wondering what your theory is on the 600 vs 1000
3-Did you ever try the the 4x8 tables filled with the 5" pots and if so did you achieve the 5lb mark?
4-Whats strain have you had the best results with out of this system?
5-Do you feel as if the light rail 3 could be hooked up to run 3 reflectors opposed to 2? I realize they have the light rail 5 and that moves 3 lights but it also can move nine lights and they are like 500 dollars opposed to 200..
6-How much better were your yields with the an opposed to the tri flex..I run Pure blend Pro and was looking into doing some Bio Bizz Or House and Garden for the organics but like you admitted earlier in this post,I dont know much about nutrients either!

Thank you very much..These arent all the questions but I didnt want to drive you crazy with questions ( I mean I know what you are taking care of)Thats a ton of work!!!


First I wanted to say welcome to IC I'm sure you'll love it here I do sorry I missed your ???s ok I'll try to answer them now
1. Yes I think it would be fine on a drip but if I was going run to waist I would run coco
2. If you have plenty of AC than I would go with 1000s my new room has 2 1000s over a table with no movers And don't no about the feed times on run to waist but their's a lot people on here that know a lot more than me so your in the right place to learn
3.yes I have ran smaller pots and the most I ever got was under 4lbs
4.I've got the most yield out of WR but I like a sour bubble male crossed back to the WR female that I run
5. If you check out my other thread I ran 4 lights on a mover lol
6. . There are a lot of great nutes out there a lot of peoples problems come from environment just remember your plants can only grow as good as the heat and humidity well let them no matter what ya feed them


Hey stoney how you doing man,are you still around?
I have a couple questions?I noticed you use different types of reflectors whats the reason?Do they affect yield or light penetration?


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Hey stoney, great show! Bummer about have to tear down and move it on out but sometimes it's better to start anew elsewhere right. I had a question regarding the tables. You were running 5 1/2" pots, they look like your typical square pots. Did you modify them at all for better drainage? Also do you use anything underneath (like a layer of hydroton) for the roots as they grow out or do you just let them go since the tables are packed they are protected by all the pots? Thanks again for the great thread and for the help. Be safe!


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I'm a huge fan! Just to clarify, when u used ebb and flow, you flooded every 3 hours with the lights on for 15 minutes each time and with the lights off you flooded once at the 6th hour of darkness right?

Could you explain how you lollipop plants a little more in depth please? What nutes are you using these days?

Thanks again!

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