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Bad News Part of Parental Stock lost


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hmm ..too bad ....a loss of genetics always hurts a bit.....

but thats the reason to share genetics, males too, ALWAYS!

next time you find something really special, share with your best friends, then you always have access

Damn Karma, Sorry to hear this bro.... I know you must feeling horrible right now..... The best thing to come out of this, If there is one, Is, The honesty route you choose to take, A lot of breeder's would not have told anyone, and would continue on with the line, and pretend all is still good... So MAJOR prop's are in order for the truth. I sincerely hope, You find new males that where equal or better than the one's you lost. Good luck bro... I know you will make it work.


That just means you're gonna get to find some new killer stuff to play with. Keep lookin' ahead Karma it's warm and sunny.


Sad to hear about the loss dude.. hopefully wont set you back too hard in the long run.. things will swing your way again and some good will come from it!
I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I just started reading about your seeds, and I am sure you'll be able to keep on. I wish you the best in your future plans.


I am sad to hear you have 'lost' precious time and plants.....:comfort:But you have for sure made a bunch of people happy with the crooses you've distributed...!!!!
Strange things happens for even stranger reasons, and meant with no disrespect, but only to try and help you get your serenity back...!!!!
I know you will do your best to supply us with great seeds......so a patch on the back and a lot of good grow karma from Ludo.....!!!!!!!!:smoker:


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Very sad to hear but i am sure new and exciting things will come out of this set-back!
All my best vibes going your way


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I hate when I lose a parent plant like that

sorry for the loss but with the loss comes new life and who knows, maybe better pheno expression than your previous keeper male(s).


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nice to see you working with harmony...hmmm...yeah out of the 4 triplekushes i poped i have one that's been on my mind since the begining.....it's a male....jeje...


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wow so sorry to hear that... You will find better! no worries keep your head up! and genetics will find you.

Karma Genetics

Harmony is a three way hybrid of Reeferman’s Santa Marta Colombian Gold x OG Kush (Lemon OG) x Lemon Thai Male. This is what Reeferman calls his ‘Holy Grail’ – the strain he is most proud of and would like to recommend above all his others. It is outstanding in both effect and its tongue-coating taste. Its high is super lifting and motivating when used in moderation. Although it is very clearly Kush in its bud structure the general plant structure leans towards the Thai Father, but surprisingly and positively it is ready for harvest in 8-9 weeks. It produces good yields when allowed to grow large outside or in a sea of green set up. The flavour is distinctively lemon kush.

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count me in!

SMCG has intrigued me for a long while.
i grew some "sugar haze" from seedsman awhile ago.
SMCG x o haze
worst bunk ever!
but i was hell bent on finding something SMCG.
i'll just wait on you to do something w/ this and gro em out :D

we all here kno, u rock!


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and you got some to pop karma?good for u bro...so 2 females and 1 male?come on spill the beanz...

Karma Genetics

Yeh got 2 female's and one male. Dumped the other male's. Also still got some seeds left i know will also pop he he.

I did already cross the both Fem's to my Happy Brother BX1 Dad, Not a real planned thing but i expect some funky lemon stuff from this, would be great to get the stretch from the harmony in there.

PS these are almost ripe, same for Sour Diesel X HB, and FireWhite#6 X HB.

Dont wanne sit still. They should be up for testing end Feb.

mean mr.mustard

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The title had me thinking of horrific crotch injuries... but now that I've read the news I can't say it's much better...

Chin up and good luck!!