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Auto Zamaldelica feminized


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The warm weather is good for the plant.
A few more days then it will be harvested :)
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Hope you have been already enjoying with your Auto Zamaldelica harvest last weeks @wuluz :)
Impressive macro, very high quality and well focused pics :yes: even can the invaders ehhehehe

What can be the source of the seeds ? Did you find any male flower or banana ?
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Welcome to ICMag @growerfarmercalmer :) Congrats on your Auto Zamaldelica harvest!
She looked ripe enough :yes: not worth to wait if rains persists. How is she on the nose at chop time ?
Hey dubi thanks for the response

Been following some of the threads on here for a while , though it was time to take part.

Well as far as the smell goes j am not really good at distinguishing them. If I had to say it has a kind of bright almost fruit/floral smell ( can't really pinpoint it) kinda like what some lemon strains smell but not exactly that . Also some times I get a hint of pepper coming through 🤷
as I said at the start not the best smell tester around 😅


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Congrats @Luiggi on the harvest of your 2 Auto Zamaldelicas, they produced a good amount despite the macronutrient underfeeding and spider times in flowering.

The earlier flowering female was the high yielding balanced sativa//indica pheno, and the longer flowering the more African sativa pheno. What's your opinion on them ?


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Hi all,

Thanks @dubi for your message, actually they did provide me with pretty much all what I need for a year.

I have tried to focus on getting the overall picture of the strain but I am not good describing. For sure they were together with the auto Malawi the ones that grew bigger and so produced a good weight. Taste is good but I think I better prefer malawi than them, but I still need to try them for a bit longer to get a clearer view. Drying process was not the better since they got harvested in August and it is freaking hot in my flat so it took them about 5 to 6 days to get completely drought. I am trying to rehydrate it along this rainy days by opening the jars but not sure they are getting completely hydrated. Smell is a pleasure, zamal seems to have richer aromas than Malawi, like more sophisticated. I am not sure I can appreciate the different high from each to the other but I'll keep trying.

As said I might have to take some more time in order to thoroughly analyse them and so have a right impression.

In the overall, apart from the growing and drying conditions which I recon were not the best ones, this strain brought a good production (quite more than others). For taste, aroma and high I need more time to be able of defining them.