6 CFLs + CO2, goal 150grams


Ok guys here some updates on my current CFL babe :p
The screen is freaking great, couldn't have asked for any easier control.
Now, I can leave her be for the most part and just move a few branches here and there without really stressing her out :p

Here they are :p SOme good shots too I might add





NOW an UPDATE on my progress with the new grow area. Did some painting today about 1.5 hours worth it took me. Here are some pics of before, during and after I finished painting the little area, and I DO MEAN LITTLE.
It looks decent size but shit, you can sit indian style comfortably but obviously not for long, killing the knees and back :p Surely is ready though, tomorrow Im probably going to seal the cracks to the best of my ability. Ill probably use some of that yellow expanding caulk or expanding sealant most likely. But enough talk here are the pics :p
What you guys think?













She looks like she loves the screen.Good work on the new area,or u gona put the lights on the right side to have more space?or just do alittle ms paint on a pic so i can so how u gona do the space


Ok Heres a little MSPaint for ya that shows roughly how stuff is going to go..

Didnt really scale it to size of course so the RES and large refill RES are not in the picture.

But ya getting my lights in today :p YIPPY, just gota wait for my cooltubes.



I wonder if you couldn't set the moms up in a self enclosed rubbermaid setup with its own lights and fans that way you wouldn't have to mess with a flap or something like it. You could just grab the rubber maid and drag it out where you can work on it better. I was thinking about something similar when I had an attic like yours. I was going to have a long pole with a hook so I could drag the rubber maids to the front where the attic door is so I wouldn't have to crawl back there.

I like the room though it's going to turn out some dense nugs if you get the temps dialed.


Hum.. nice thinking SoylentGreen thanks man I didnt think of that.

And haha believe it or not but RubberMaids is what inspired me to start my current cab haha and to think I didnt think about Rubbermaids :p

Really it doesnt have to be that big or anything, and im still going to have to get back there because ima putting all the controls in the back area. So Then I can safely crawl alone side of the plants/buckets without worrying about knocking into the RES of anything like that.

Ya ill for sure take some measurements and look into the perfect size rubbermaid. Gona have to get a Y connector for my duct work then for sure.. Hum this might get tricky come to think of it.. Check out my little drawing below to see what im talking about..



I think that the Y duct keeps them separate and the force of the rushing air will help draw air out of the maid. Like an air siphon?


Looks good Military and as SoylentGreen said the rubbermaid is gona make your life much more easy.When i saw crawl area i had to lol and said to myself the things we do for weed
Hey Military looking good bro!

I used to have to use a small space like that and it sucked but got the job done!

I transplanted my ladies today and i think we are ready to flower....check it out below!


Smoke it if ya got it!!
I love the grow too. people who figure out how to manage in such small spaces are some of the most creative people i've seen and met. It really is what keeps me comming back for more. oh, and the weed.


haha Man thanks guys :p didnt know Micro Growers were so appreciated :p

I accept the gratitude and graciously return the favor :p

Yes, this indeed is much better then my first grow(no pics, lost everything when i formatted the wrong HDD on accident :() for sure.

Iv been holding off on updating some pics because I really want to get a good shot of the buds that are increasing by the day. 1 more week and youll def be able to see some nice buds bulking up.

Im pretty freaking excited also, i found a Hydroponic store locally!!! YES lol They have huge supply of nutes also, and Im thinking about buying some BIG BUD for sure :p

Also if you guys are impressed with my current micro grow, then you guys are surly in for a great treat once my new build is complete.
Today I finish HALF of my ballast box,

Has the 1; 400watt HPS ballast mounted inside it atm, sorry no pictures atm because I forgot it in my car... lol To lazy to get it atm. Tomorrow im going to update everything, plants ballast box :p

Till next time



Connoisseur300 said:
I love the grow too. people who figure out how to manage in such small spaces are some of the most creative people i've seen and met. It really is what keeps me comming back for more. oh, and the weed.

lol creative people are kick ass always got a way outa something or in this case can improvise with what they have wich isnt that what everyone needs to be able to do be able to rely on them selves and not just others?


yes thats why we ask for advice :p not directions hehe Comparative discussion making :p

wouldnt you choice the best one thing that many people have said if great.

Of course atleast do that for your first time if you didnt already innovate your own :p Indeed though :p Cant wait to post pic updates :p


Hey everyone :p Pretty happy with the past 3 days for sure. Got some good pics of the plant but I forgot to take some pics of the new area.

Only thing different that I did this weekend was I sealed all the cracks with Expanding Form Sealant. It worked F'ing GREAT!! I had a 2-3" gap... that was pretty deep.. like 4inch to 5inches deep. and about.. 2 feet long hah. This stuff literally filled the entire gap NO PROBLEM.. You it comes out of can pretty crazy so gota get used to that. Very sticky so you can move side to side like icing a cake pretty much :p

But anyways enough on the verbal update :p here the pics

3days ago...\/

TODAY, You can for sure see some pretty decent growth.\/


here are just some shots above the screen, you can kind of see the bud sites kinda easy. haha my cell phone takes better pictures like crazy close then it does far away.. :p




Now here are the nice close ups :p Can really see the buds forming all over the stem :p




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nice little setup man! cheap, but effective! and great lookin little biobucket man. what are you using to hold the plant up? anything? i dont see rockwool cube obviously, is it just supported by string or sumtin sumtin?


sup sup sup everyone :p

Herbatonist- Absolutly nothing is holding her up haha. If you read probably my first page or just filter my posts out and read all mine, says i dont like using any kind of medium wats so ever. I dont know, I just fine that it gets in the way mainly, and they way i have it now the stem can get as big as 1-2(maybe) in diameter, of course I highly doubt it will ever get to 2inches lol thats pretty crazy. But by far this main trunk is about .5 inches bigger then my last/first plant.

But i was thinking about that rockwool setup because it would just be easier for me to hold the plant while its young, then not even have to worry about any support once the roots develop since thats first main thing that bulks up. So same thing for you I doubt youll even have to do anything about holding them up once those roots get nice and big :p so you can join the ZERO medium club with me heeh

pothead6-Sup man, well since it is bag seed and isnt a clone or anything from my last grow I have no idea how long this strain is or what it is... The leaves are nice and narrow, not so much fat. So, i might get this wrong but that means its more on the stativa side right? Not really sure how knowing that is going to help me in anyway, But for the most part I was planning to harvest mid/end of February, depending of course.

Ok enough responses I always type so god dam much, just cant help it :p But here are some pics of my ballast box :p Pretty proud of this mac-daddy TBO. The left side is the HPS ballast thats mounted fully and tighted in place with tapped screws from the bottom. On the right is the MH Ballast that im not going to be using because of the MH Conversion bulb I have going to get another HPS ballast to put there. You can see how much wire length I have for the bulb, about ... 15feet or so id say... so this is for sure a remote ballast setup.









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