6 CFLs + CO2, goal 150grams


No that MJ had about 4 days dry time.. dont forever the entire harvest was very popcorny lol So they were getting pretty crispy and there stems snapped when bent.

SO signal jar :p

But ya didnt do the rest because it was still very moist

TBH that jar after burping im probably going to sit on it for a long time. before smoking it :p Burps here and there when need be :p Let it really cure up
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dude no way thats dry enough for jars.1 day. unless you used some kind of quick dry method, those are gonna mold..

edit:nvr mind , 4 days.. still seems early but meh
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I go for the dryness of the largest buds. When the stems of those are almost snapping then the popcorns are dry, so when you combine them the moisture will distribute. Next day you can check if everything is going too soft - if so then they need a good long burp.


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