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6 CFLs + CO2, goal 150grams


Here my exact dimensions:
17.5 x 31.5 x 33.5 inches
44.5 x 80 x 85.1 cm

18466.875 cubic inches
302956 cubic cm
3.82 square footprint

2x 42watt CFL's
4x 23watt CFL's

176watts Total
46.07watts per square foot(just under the limit :p)

Hey guys I will be updated this first post here and there, probably daily if not weekly for sure. Here are 2 pics I have of my baby already. She is in 11/13 atm soon to be changing it to 12/12 as standard. in the main pic you can see the purpling of the stems pretty bad, this is only concern I have.

Here you can see the sex is pretty clear :p Thought i had 2 girls but one turned out to be a male instead :( O well

Heres a picture of the whole gal with a little size reference for ya. Isnt that big but the grow area can surely handle 2 to 3 of these babies no problem, maybe even 4 if i use some good training. This picture really doesnt
give her the justice she deserves, she doesnt look that GREAT here, but ill
for sure post new ones tomorrow, once lights kick back on

Right not the lights are off on my babies, and wont be on for another 10 or so hours. Ill be sure to post pics of the total cab and some of the things iv done and what im still planning on doing.

I think this weekend I going to install my CO2 feed lines, and build my scrubber possibly. Right not im currently working on new bucket setup and was thinking of having 3 buckets, 2 for plants and 1 for res, and another larger bucket for the main refill res. Not quiet sure if I will be worth it or not but well see. The only delema im having atm is how I am going to go about making lids for these here new buckets i got, that are perfect for my area.

Whole bucket(mini-garbage can really)

Length of opening is about 10inches END to END about 8.5in on inside

Width of opening is about 8in END to END about 6.5in on inside

They are about 10inch tall or deep..

Here are come pictures of the 2 and there different air line setups... I dont use air stones or wands, they always clog up on me, I just seal the end with little torch then poke 4 holes where I want, then test it with water and the air pumps then modify what hole I need to to get even bubbles as possible.

sorry for such huge ass pictures Ima retaking them not at lower Resolution, crazy phone takes some good pic if you ask me lol. Gota love BlueTooth :p

Ok changed some of the pics to make the post a little more manageable. But didnt feel like retaking the ones with water.

Tell me what you guys think so far, and what you think i should do for lids..
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Hey guys. Here are some better picture of my babe. She's really showing off in these pictures unlike the other few. I did a lot to the cab last night and today, and moved her into one of the buckets iv showed above. She got plenty of room now and can grow easier without being so crowed by the other plant's root system that is just impossible to take out now lol. I tried trust me. Well here are the pics. Hope you like them.

Here pic of the whole cab with a little homemade foil reflector, works great, just gota put the back side back on. The walls used to be all foil, dull side out, but as you can see I changed it to all double sheet flat white printer paper. Surely looks brighter in there now tbo.

Moved the reflector so you can see plant.

Closer shot of the plant, you can see she is still in that tight bucket.

Here are some shots of the bucket and root system before I put them in the new bucket thats much larger. You can see the top part is much darker then the bottom, Im guess that is mostly the other root system from the male i had to cut out, but also because its at the water lvl and that lvl goes up and down as we all know, so they are almost like about surface roots. The bottom roots look nice and healthy though for sure.

And finally pictures of air pumps, stem size, and after I moved her into the larger bucket. Stuck her roots only about half way in the water, so then it would force her to grow deeper and fill out, I know this is about 1-2 weeks into flower stage but im sure she will be fine.

So thanks for stopping by who ever does...I just want a make a nice interesting topic with a decent audience :p My next post Ill go more into how my venting works, atm im using no oder control and I have no problems.
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that is sweet and healthy plants by the way. Always love the small scale hydro, best way to get it down before going big if that is the plan. Can't believe I didn't think about just using the air hose alone with holes poked in it that is a good idea. Props on that one. KISS


nice man, hope you can get 150g, altough maybe you have to train her for that, because you can see the lower branches not getting any light almost, its fucked because with cfl its hard to get light down there, but good luck! Hope you have good results :)


thanks guys finally some posts :p Share the love hehe. Thanks for the commons.

ya Im thinking about throwing in a screen and try to use SCROG method most likely. Iv been seeing lots of success by people in there micro grow with the SCROG method, just gota go out and get the chicken wire. Come to think of it, I actually might have some..

Ya just before all of these pictures I cut all the LST lines, I had to in order to change buckets obviously. But ya ill post updates

Ceep on Smoccen On


hha thanks man. I really didnt think that many people would like my style :p Yet we all love eachothers shit now dont we :p learning from eachother is what its all about, in my opinion :p

Its like 1am here atm... just checking the threads and my emails. But tomorrow morning going to be taking more shots of my FULL setup.. also getting my PS3 in the mail hehe YIPPY!!!!! MGS3 and MGS4 FOR THE WIN!!!


Hey hey hey everyone :p got my PS3 in today along with my new monitor yesterday, havnt touched the PS3 yet though, was busy really doing some LST to my baby. She really has to be stressing atm.. hope I dont stress her out to much.

Quick question...Can to much stress make female turn into hermies?

Because man... I added on the new bucket lid i made out of 3 layers of cardboard, put 3 little "bumper" on 3 of 4 sides, made nice little stem slit, and waterproofed the "bottom" with foil. And painted the "top" white to help in some more reflecting.

So far its all great, besides i literally tied down every node coming off main stalk :p

I thought since its still earily in flower, and really only preflowers are still forming Id get the more agressive training done all at once and let her heal up for a few days after.

I think also im going to get some chicken wire/fence for sure, seeing that I made the main stalk grow sideways, the chicken wire/fence will be a lot easy to handle the branches/nodes instead of keep on tiring them down.

Here are some pics, OH ya also I added chains for the lights instead of the wire setup I had before, much easier to move lights up and down now :p

PIC TIME!! Following up with my next project :p

Heres pic of my exhaust fan. Its I think computer fan i think 60mm... There are 2 of them double stacked to create more pressure to push through my.. 12ft long duct :p I couldnt take and pics of the duct behind the cad because its way to dark and you cant see crap, the duct is aiming straight at my intake/outtake fan in my window, Its always on exhaust so any smell is pushed out of the room.

New chains :p

Homemade Lid shot.

My baby under some intense LST, I mean intense...that yellow bucket is full
of cement lol O ya didnt take pic of entire cab, but she is only taking up half of the area... so kinda P/Oed that the other plant was a male :( could have a full cab for sure and most likely got my 150g im shooting for, which is just under my 1g per watt. Thats my true goal. If i get atleast 100g ill be happy its 2x from my first grow so thats still progress :p Im a huge optimist :p

Now here is my next project coming up soon, in the next few days. Going to make this computer case into my germing cab. So about 2-3weeks before I can fully clear my veg/flower/hang dry cab of the current grow these babies will be or should be atleast 6-12inch big already. Or maybe I can even make the PC a veg area for a mother... I dont know yet.

What do you guys think i should do...I dont and probably wont ever buy seeds from anywhere, just dont feel comfortable doing that. So you think I should just have this PC grow as my mother holder to take clones off of and what not? Or just germ 3-5 plants in there, and hopefully get atleast 2 females.

I just thought of the mother thing now, ima kinda leaning more toward that tbo. Give me your opinion though please, I like to learn from the pros :p
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pothead >>> heeh ya was best I could do, the "floor" is rubber pond lining and if i tape to that, it just comes up :p so pointless. THe huge Cranberry bottle is to hold down the res, lol that Cement bucket is pulling it over from plant stem.

Come on people over 250+ view and only 10 replys.. and i think 4 or 5 of them are mine haah :p


Military said:
pothead >>> heeh ya was best I could do, the "floor" is rubber pond lining and if i tape to that, it just comes up :p so pointless. THe huge Cranberry bottle is to hold down the res, lol that Cement bucket is pulling it over from plant stem.

Come on people over 250+ view and only 10 replys.. and i think 4 or 5 of them are mine haah :p

idk dude w,e works is how i role my curent grow is pretty ghetto but it works so thats y i go with it lol


ya I think I decided that the PC is going to be a veg area for a mother. Then I can just take clones from her which would be a lot easier for me then having to always germ bagseeds and hoping I get atleast 2 females. My current grow I wasnt so lucky, only got 1 female. My cab can hold 2 girls without a problem with plenty of room, i wouldnt put more then 3 though.

There are some things iv been thinking about doing with me cab, might be building a 2.5gal res thats tall but only about 5inch thick... So it can just stand at the side of my cab, and have that as a water tank, the have a 3rd or 4th bucket that the tank will drain into once water lvl drops so much. Iv seen a few of these systems so far around here, but im just going to rreally make it mini :p


looking really nice military!!!
I want that plant too.. it grows 20 dollar bills ;)
mine just grows nugs :p

some nice budget DWC setup!!
that's a fairly unknown technique here in holland..
I prefer soil, organics, and mycorhizza funghi.. because its 100% organic

you asked me if you still; could apply a Scrog.

yes this is still possible..

but if you do it the next cycle, you have less chance of damaging the plant when placing the scrog.

I hope that your lady may bring you some fat buds.



Here is a friend of mine using the same setup..
6 CFL only then on soil. also not in a scrog.
it is a dutch thread but lots of pics..
and you can ask him anything you want and he'll answer in english :)

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very nice indeed. But ya I might really doing something different. After this grow its going to be my last in this cab. Im moving the entire grow up and design into a closet thats perfect and never being used for anything. Its about...

29" x 83" x 48" - Thats going to be the flower/veg area for about .. 6 plants using SCROG for sure, Going to be 2 lvls of plants, 3 on each. Ill make a picture design and post it when im done. Then theres another section thats..

about 30" deep
about 30-48" high, its a slant
about 27" wide.
This area is going to be sealed off for the mother :p
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So what do you guys think about the new setup im going to have. Ill probably do some kinda of DWC res system water setup most likely. But i got a few questions though really fast.

1) Should I make the walls flat white, or is mylar good also, hows the difference? What should I use more over the other?

2) I was thinking about using 24, 42watt CFLs. which is 1000+ watts.
That about nearly $200. Should i just get a HPS? or what?


Military nice plans u got ther just go with a hps and paint the wall cause mylar sucks ass


Hey there everyone. First thing... Currently stoned to the bone :p

Ok straight to business :p Heres they low down.

(all prices are average)
New 500watt flood light - $50
5gal Buckets - $32
Exhaust Fans(180CFM) - $55

Extras(Air pump,
chains, paint, ect.) - $50

Total - $187
Without buckets(use
ones around house) - $155

These are about the costs I will be looking pretty soon.
I'd be happy to not spend more then $200. Then ill for sure
be smoking whenever I want. :p No more phone calls for me

Will for sure be posting this build :p probably gona make new topic.