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    The med-taylor

    Hemp shoe Hemp lace Old school baller The dopest shoes ever made!
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    the bud bucket - dry bud trimmer

    #tomstumbler #centurionpro #thetwister #trimonator #kush #cannabis #grimreaper #harvest #trim #trimming #trim #trimmer
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    the best way to ship cannabis clones / plants

    the med-man method: lighthouse full vid here:
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    The worlds first international social media cannabis cup / the kind kup 2.0 Another industry first! poster 1 a world first international social media app / online 1 strain competition win cash prizes contacts employment followers bragging rights poster 2 how to enter FOLLOW ALL: @med_manbrand...
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    Un-banned and testers needed!

    What's up growers and growettes med-man brand is back in the mf hizzouse A time out was in a way needed. But also caused mostly by my insecure and unsociable adversaries. Will do my best to help the real people that need it....and will ignore the pussy ass haters! Let's do some beans...
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    fuk wit me - new single - med-man music
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    grow life

    the newest single from med-man music like, share and sub
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    canadas first cannabis act case won Manitoba Cannabis producer wins court battle over illegal-sales fine, still fighting to get products back Social Sharing Facebook Twitter Email Reddit LinkedIn Owner of Med-Man Brand denies selling illegal products, argues seized pot used...
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    the pot-cast

    welcome to the worlds dopest podcast! listen to the med-man pot-cast on: soundcloud, spotify, apple podcasts, castbox
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    med-man music

    some of the dopest music ever made Growerz and packs
  11. D

    Verifying Authenticity

    Can anyone help I recently picked up some seeds from a local vendor and they were labelled conkushion cheese. Said they were a med-man strain but I cant seem to find a listing anywhere. Wanted to make sure before linking to something that isnt legit in a grow journal etc etc. Thanks in...
  12. Jaymer

    Pain Killer Poor Germ Rates?

    pain killer poor germ rates? Out of 10 seeds, 0% sprouted and only barely showed a tail I know my methods were as usual and with fresh water and everything. Germination was done by placing seeds in folded moist paper towel in a zippy and placing it on top of warm soil. I'm mostly disappointed...
  13. P

    What Med Mman Gear Phenos Have You Kept?

    Just went through the mom room and it got me wondering what cuts we keep...I'll use a 1 thru 5 "$" scale. Rockstar: (1 Pheno) $$$$ From seed she went 65 days, now with the clone I chop @ 50 days, tastes very fuely orangy and smells the same after a 2 week cure, heavily coated in...
  14. woolybear

    Female med man's weed plant announcement

    Hello ICMAG and MEDMAN peoples, My biggest and most vigorous med man Headband plant dropped her first set of pistils! Did not expect that at all as she's only about 11" tall. Here's a picture:
  15. seedstasteyum

    Purple Thai - Silver Surfer

    I have had this stuff before I think called purple skunk (was clones and you mention your thai is also called skunk). The stuff I had was purple leaf with mostly green in the buds with a skunky grape smell and taste. The high was mostly sativa. I was wondering if you ever plan to restock VSB...
  16. B

    Head Banger!!

    Snagged a pack of the Head Banger with my Winter 14' seed order! Threw a Head Banger in a cup of water to crack a week or so ago, sowed her a couple days later in a solo cup with a seed mix. She is above ground! Will get pics when I get the chance to take some
  17. D

    Where to find WCSD/kerosene Kush???

    I've been looking for this strain everywhere with no luck. The last place I saw carrying it was beanho but they're out now. Is it going by a new name? Is it discontinued? Will it ever be back?
  18. woolybear

    Med-Man grow #2 coming soon - 2015

    hello med people, i am preparing my next grow, which will be my first hydro run in a mini med-man system. due to a lapse in environmental control, I had to deal with PM ( or something like it) and thrips in my first clone generation after harvest. They are gone now, but it was a rough month or...
  19. D

    Help finding WCSD

    anyone know where I can find Med Man's West Coast sour diesel? They used to have some over at hemp depot but they're all sold out now and I can't seem to find them anywhere.
  20. S


    Heres a plant i have found on my search through a pack of Conkushion seeds. She is quite different to the other couple of females i have come across so far. The other girls have a Bubbs Kush type of structure to them, slower veg growth, slow to branchi, medium yield. This one, although...