med-mans head-band

  1. med-man

    The Pebble Fam....

    *Updates in progress* We are pleased to announce original fruity pebbles og f-3 from f2 open pollination with some elite clones making incredibly vigorous true f1 hybrids. Bulk seeds available for white label, resellers and legal producers. Full history and of the original fruity pebbles OG...
  2. woolybear

    med man's head band

    Here are the first shots of my med man's head band, week one flower. Got this plant as a freebie. It has fat indica leaves but some decent stretch. She's been topped twice. This is a perlite/coco grow in fabric pots under old led lights. Hopefully this plant is a yielder. profile...
  3. G


    I just picked up 3 packs of the LSD. Trying to get a little info on it. Flowering time, phenos i should look for etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. woolybear

    Female med man's weed plant announcement

    Hello ICMAG and MEDMAN peoples, My biggest and most vigorous med man Headband plant dropped her first set of pistils! Did not expect that at all as she's only about 11" tall. Here's a picture:
  5. R

    Med-Man's HeadBand

    My tribute to M-man for making these bomb seeds. So here are some manicured nugz
  6. S_a_H

    Med-man Headband

    Was given some seeds back in January and been in the bloom room for about 5-6 days. 1 seed cracked but I think it was to wet and never did anything. 3 were male and tossed 8 were females Once I harvest some other plants and there is more room to move around and take better pictures i'll get...
  7. F

    Med,, any Sour Jackle pics?

    Hi T,, Any pics of the other MM gear. Stuff that's not the most popular or heavily promoted but still awesome? Sourbub crosses n others ?
  8. HankHanglow

    Special Kush & Med-mans Head Band

    I received 5 of each bean. I popped all 10 about a month ago, they have been under a 400w MH light w/ co2. Out of the 10 I have 6 that survived germination, which I blame myself not the seeds or breeder for failing. I'll take group photos of the plant, I'm waiting for the 1st of the year to flip...