1. tonykevin

    Blue Sunset Sherbert/Limón Blanco/Amnesika 2.0 (Sanlight Evo 4 -250w- Led Grow)

    Hallo liebe Grüsse, Neuer Grow geht bald los und ich poste hier mal einen Report. Bin hier schon länger angemeldet aber habe noch keinen Report veröffentlicht. Die Sorten werden 2× Blue Sunset Sherbert (Barneys Farm) und 2× Limón Blanco (Khalifa Genetics). Eine neue Homebox Ambient Q80 wurde...
  2. LostINgreen

    Legendary gorilla glue under 250w mh

    gorilla photo, sprouted on 28.05 48l pot. mainline technique, 250w MH, soil perlite. temp and humidity maintained well. couple of times fed flora trio.
  3. LostINgreen

    Gorilla & Chocolate skunk FLOWERING UNDER 240W LED

    250w MH soil Gorilla photoperiod 8 weeks vegetation,mainlined Chocolate skunk ×5, 1 month, 2 weeks
  4. LostINgreen

    how much water to give.48l pot 8weeks veg

    gorilla photo period.soil perlite,250w MH, indoor.temp 28C day;23C night. humidity 40-45%. 48l pot please tell me how much water to give not to hurt it. I never watered to runoff, just gave 1l of water pHed. advise your prof. opinion! thank you in advance.
  5. LostINgreen

    Nutrient burn- deficiency dilemma

    my chocolate skunk has been given 1/2 rec. dose of flora trio fertiliser. watered with pHed next time.now I see bottom pair of leaves started yellowing, but upper ones clawing (nutrient burn). how am I suppose to treat girls in this situation? thank you.
  6. LostINgreen


    Hey pals! Gorilla photoperiod growing under 250w MH light 18/6 in soil. 7th week. Using FloraTrio pack, seen overdosing signs. Generally, I've noticed smooth slowdown in growing. What will the stretching be after 12/12 turnover and what potential yield of this plant do you predict, experts...
  7. LostINgreen

    need an experienced advice. 600w hps expanding.MORE CO2 NEEDED?

    Hello guys&gals. Currently growing photoperiod Gorilla, day #46, VEG. Store soil. Now using 250w MH, in a month will switch to flowering and 600w GIB advanced HPS with 92000 lumens output. 1m×1m grow tent. The main question is: should I buy those CO2 indoor cans or sacks so plants will be able...
  8. gtbuds2332

    Multi-Strain Adventure (250w hps)

    First off welcome to my first grow journal, thanks for checkin it out... A little background info on where I obtained the seeds is needed first. I have ordered seeds through seedboutique before and it worked well but I recently found a company who I first saw in high times called The Single...
  9. H

    Headcase's Ghetto Growshow!

    What's up everybody! It's been a whole year since I tested my green thumb, and I'm more than eager to get going again! This thread will serve as my grow diary. Hope you all enjoy! Here's my setup: The cab is a Homebox XS (2'x2'x4') 250w HPS bulb in a batwing reflector (EDIT: using a 250 CMH...
  10. K.J

    ~Kief Junkie & QueenKief's 250w Organic Medi-Cab (soil) Grow!~ ~Pure & Blue Mystic~

    ~Kief Junkie & QueenKief's 250w Organic Medi-Cab (soil) Grow!~ ~Pure & Blue Mystic~ Before I get started, I want to thank Gypsy and everyone involved in administering this wonderful site! It's a gem of a community that every cannabis enthusiast should be grateful for. I know we are! I have...