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Rain Water Collection/Watering System

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    Rain Water Collection/Watering System

    I decided this forum was the best place for this thread since some may be able to use their greenhouse's roofs to collect rain.

    I suppose this could be used in remote areas if someone was inclined to build something to gather rain.

    Also, a lot of you probably know how to do this, but I am posting it in case it can help anyone out.

    In order to collect and use rainwater you will need
    - a method of funneling rain (typically a roof into rain gutters)
    - a rain gutter downspout
    - a collection bin or barrel(s)
    - some outlet PVC hardware
    - fine mesh screen

    i can't grow our beloved plant right now, but i do have a little indoor led hydro veggie/herb garden. i also have a very small outdoor garden that is producing some peppers, tomatoes, cantaloupe, squash and lettuce...

    i was browsing the other day and came upon a home built greenhouse. i decided i would like to build one and expand my outdoor garden. i also decided the best way to water this would be with rain water.

    first, i mounted a 12 foot rain gutter on my 12 x 12 wooden shed. i added a small downspout and flex spout. pictured is just the gutter...

    next, i was gonna use 4 blue 55 gallon barrels plumbed together with PVC pipe, but i got a better offer. instead of 4 barrels for $80, i was able to get 1 330 gallon container for $70. an extra 110 gallons for $10 less

    The guy who sold it to me threw in a bunch of old tomato puree packaging that was bright, silvery and reflective. Knowing how damaging the sun is around here and wanting to protect this container as much as possible, i cut up my reflective plastic and firmly attached it with aluminum tape.

    like i said this can be done with plastic barrels also. check you tube for some clips using the barrels...

    as you can see i elevated the container on cinder blocks. this will help to create a little more water pressure.

    a little PVC pipe, fittings, valves, etc and i have one route available for feeding my upcoming greenhouse. and on the other side i can attach a regular water hose.

    and finally, i used a mesh bag i had from my beer brewing days and zip tied it to the container. stuck the flex downspout in the container and started my rain dance :blowbubbles :

    based on what i've been told this will probably fill up with less than 2 or 3 inches of rain (which is a commodity this time of year, lol !!!)

    hope this helps a few folks out...

    next up, build the greenhouse

    looks like a good solution for you! was surprised to see such a topic because where I live many people gather ALL the water for their household and other needs from the roof/rainfall ... and store it in 5000gallon tanks. I guess your house is tapped in to a community water supply. ps ... you could get a job as a plumber!


      lol, i need a job...

      most people here only gather rain water for gardens, not household use...


        Good idea, Just one thing you might what to do so your tank wont settle to fast. Flip the bottom block on it's side. This way you have more surface area on the soil.

        When I was living in Co,in some counties you can't even catch rain water....Ain't that some sht!!!
        A little leaf on a ride in a high wind!


          that's a good idea !!!

          i need to get out there and do that b4 it rains !!!


            good luck. hope it works


              bad ass setup


                Originally posted by GOT DANK View Post
                good luck. hope it works
                why wouldn't it?

                Originally posted by dagobaker View Post
                bad ass setup


                  Good work. If buying those containers second hand make sure they haven't had nasty chemicals in them. There is a variant available in black which is great for preventing algae growth.

                  Originally posted by wilbur View Post
                  where I live many people gather ALL the water for their household and other needs from the roof/rainfall ... and store it in 5000gallon tanks.
                  I did that for 15 years in the hills of SE QLD -- tank water only and no town sewerage. I reckon if everyone lived for ten years "off the grid" to some degree they'd get a much better appreciation for how limited our natural resources really are... but that's another discussion for another thread!
                  70W vertical HPS + 50W DIY LED + Organic + DIY microcontroller


                    thanks man, mine came with a food and beverage sanitizer in it and it has been thoroughly rinsed....


                      i just got back from lowes. bought every thing i need to build a 16 x 20 foot greenhouse.

                      i'm hoping i enough old 2 x 10 laying around. i will need those to build the raised beds inside the greenhouse, but besides some of those possibly i have everything else.

                      gonna build this...




                          i would kill for 2 of those containers


                            Originally posted by supermanlives View Post
                            i would kill for 2 of those containers
                            craigslist the things ....... if you are in colorado there is a guy in longmont that deals in only used plastic containers. i hope there is someone doing the same thing in every state. might be worth a try


                              it's shipping to gilligans island that's gonna kill ya...