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    PotHeads BunKer

    heres a blast from the past alot of reading quite detailed
    06 - Maj.PotHeads Grow
    07 - Memory Loss
    08 - HomeGrowen
    09 - Closet Hacking new wave growers
    10 -
    Hemp For Victory

    hello everyone hope all is fine guess it's time for another log

    some specs for anyone new stoppn in

    master bedroom closet is flower erea i centered the light off the left inside corner 4x4 erea. 1k switchable 110/240 MH/HPS 1k horti bulb sun systems sealed air cooled hood 6in ductn 6in eco pluss inline fan and a can 33 filter.

    soil 2 gal bags FFOF pure blend pro ferts and dash of powdered koolbloom. plants finish 4ft tall light is 5ft off ground i clean up bottom half of plant. i flower 12 plants and get average 1 1/2 bow each run
    i veg under CFL's and run from clones i choose from seed except the Chem4 it was gifted by brothas Old Soul n EasyRasta

    the Decapation and MemoryLoss seed was gifted by Brotha Jaws

    strains mainly shall be
    Decapation - Pre98 Bubba [fm] x WhiteMustang [m]
    i was blessed by Ja with a wonderfull Pre98 Bubba coffee pheno

    MemoryLoss - Purple Urkel [fm] x Strawberry Desiel [m]
    again i was blessed with a wonderful strawberry desiel pheno


    once i've moved i'll revamp have more space and shall be a bean popn fool

    so grab a hooka hose take a nice smooth hit relax and enjoy

    few pics of some decap last night day 43 of 12/12

    a shot into the closet tonight before lights on decaps in front

    some Chem#4 turning colors

    an above view of most lol

    theres 5 Decaps 4 Chem4 3 sugar shacks

    i'll post my feedn regiment later lol
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    PotHeads BunKer 2011

    looks like a very nice selection of genetics and equipment... i like your style homie !!


      looking great maj
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      Best of luck to you friend. Hopefully there will come a day when we need not fear being arrested for growing cannabis.
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        thx whodair welcome to my little fun in life well thats outside of my grandson lol. if ya like the above genitics you'll really like the list i'll post.

        thx MBA welcome to my fun grab a hooka hose take a nice slow draw

        this list isnt current i have growen some out and have 15-20 more crosses to add. rest assured i do have around 100 strains in bean form

        headhunter {SFV x Whitemustang} thx Jaws
        evenflow {abussive og x whitemustang} thx Jaws
        decapation { bubba kush x whitemustang } thx Jaws
        memoryloss {urkel x strawberry desiel} thx Jaws
        whirlybird {cherry ak47 x strawberry desiel} thx Jaws
        Deep Chunk {100% afaghani} thx Teresa
        Bite Me {Sweet Tooth x Afgani} thx Teresa
        Mississippi Mudd F2 {moutain jam F2 x G13 F2} thx Teresa
        MemoryLoss F2 {urkel x strawberry desiel} thx Teresa
        kaua'i kush {"Abusive's OG Kush" x Maui Wowie } thx Teresa
        super G {TRCs Gold Monkey(Santa Marta Gold x Blockhead) x Love Potion
        lovepotion f2} thx Teresa
        bogs rainbow {bogs medly x rainbow #4} thx scrappy
        White Rainbow....aka..White Widow(F)x Rainbow#4 thx scrappy
        postmaster { gypsys gum x rainbow #4} thx scrappy
        Grandaddy Purple { purple urkle X big bud }
        sugar shack thx Sirsmokealot
        Grape Krush thx Sirsmokealot
        Schroom thx Sirsmokealot and brotha G
        Baby Shit smells like it so tis what we call it smells like poop de doop we got few yrs ago thx Sirsmokealot
        Hash plant thx Sir
        SDv2.5[3 x (PB x WW)..= Pollen Chuck thx core
        Mongrul = PB x WW x PB ..PB being purple bastard thx core
        Amneasia Haze thx core
        lavender { skunk #1 x korean big bud x hawain} thx brotha G
        some ppl may not know whats whitemustang is {White Mustang is chemdawg x (Westcaost DOG Bx3 male)}
        Ghost OG x Trainwreck - TXthethird
        Shoreline x Trainwreck - TXthethird
        Schroom x Sour Desiel - Knucklehead.
        Cherry AK47 thx Jaws
        VBS Jaws
        5 lavender x sweet widow lavender thx brotha Jaws
        5 afghan berries thx brotha Jaws
        5 blue mistic x purple bastard thx brotha Jaws
        5 A.Shark x ice thx brotha Jaws
        5 lavender x kodiak gold thx brotha Jaws
        Puna Bomb = {puna butter x cherry tie} thx daflynhawian
        Hawian Durban thx daflynhawian
        and these are some the crosses i've made so far
        sugar shack x evenflow = Evac
        lavender x evenflow = Mr.Ed
        memoryloss {urkel pheno} x evenflow = Azurite
        evenflow x evenflow = evenflow F2
        GDP x evenflow = ole man river
        Super G x EvenFlow = Pangia less then 10 seed
        Decapation xEvenFlow = Cornicopia less then 10 seed

        Memoryloss Strawberry desiel pheno x Headhunter = Angels Breath
        Decapation x Headhunter = Hangman
        MemoryLoss Urkel pheno x Headhunter = Malichite
        Lavender x Headhunter = Lost Horse
        GDP xHeadhunter = Equinox
        Kaua'i kush F3's 3 phenos tall tall/phatty short
        memoryloss urkel pheno x kaua'i kush F2 = Pandora
        memoryloss strawberry desiel pheno x Kaua'i kush F2 = G-Force
        GDP x Kaua'i kush F2 = Singing Bear
        sugar shack x kaua'i kush F2 = Scorpion
        decap x kaua'i kush F2 = Route 66

        heres a fine example of what i need to add to the list

        Rapture - Decapation [fm] x Old Grandad [m]

        old grandad is a cross gifted to m by brotha GreenLion it like most he gifted me was unamed

        Old Grandad - Pure Kush [fm] x Purple Kush/Deep Chunk [m] i gave it this name because the girl i pollenated and ran few clones from reminded me of grandaddy purple but faster veg and larger yield

        heres a few pics from my brother in his basement


        and a Old Grandad in his flower approx 18 days in

        love my bro
        Man made booze God did not
        God made pot man did not
        The Old Farmers Almanac
        U.S. State By State Laws on our hobby

        Beneficial Insects
        sick plant ??? <-- mynamestitch's work

        Informative threads by I.M. Boggled

        PotHeads BunKer 2011


          coaxing resins is something you are obviously good at !! im sure those grandkids are a blessing to you major !!


            I could look at decap all day long.

            That pic of Rapture you have vegging, man oh man are those some nice looking plants.
            In the softest voice there's an acid tongue.


              Hey Maj, new spot is looking grand. Glad to be in on this one early!

              Northern Kronic's- Off the tour bus and back in the garden brah!

              Northern Kronic's- 2k Basement Blowout!


              Northern Kronic's- New Place, New Space, New Grow, Lets GO! - (Completed 09')

              Northern Kronic's- I got pains but I got strains! (Completed 08')

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                here finally man.
                the garden looks fantastic even better in person. top heavy bitches for sure. thanks for the cuts again, they are all rooted now, so i am really happy
                hope your enjoying that Candy (Nlights x WW) by nuggetshiner. i like it a lot sure has great smell and pretty buds...
                hazy i got my licence renewed after a long awaited time its road trip time maybe the maj will run with me ehh lol but maybe we can go see some ancient indian sites near you together. i know maj would enjoy that.
                Bitch! You know what I want! Hahahahaha! I wanna talk to Samson! Fly me to the moon like that bitch Alice Kramden! 'Cause it's hard being black and gifted! Sometimes I wanna throw it all down and get lifted!

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                  Looking great in here Major! Looks like you really got things dialed in and have a nice steady rotation going. Your seed list is impressive as always. hehe Hope all is well. Give the grandson a big hug and a high five for me.
                  Coco Cab 09

                  Flowers for Algernon


                    Great looking plants glad to see it is a family affair!

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                    "To take from one, because it is thought that his own industry and that of his father's has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association -- the guarantee to every one of a free exercise of his industry, and the fruits acquired by it." ~Thomas Jefferson

                    The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, selfappointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny. ~Fed 47, A. Hamilton & J. Madison


                      nice list...happy many watts?


                        hey bro, here's some new pic's of them old grandads you
                        so kindly gifted to me . that kool bloom you recommended
                        is already starting to show some results.
                        thanks for all the advise you given me over the years ,
                        I never would have gotten this far with out it .
                        looking to make that jump to the 1K for the next run !

                        much love , your lil~brother
                        I fuck'n hate harvesting...
                        I like plant'n the things, and water'n them,
                        look'n after them... talk'n too them,
                        I don't fuck'n like harvesting !
                        I do like smoke'n them.____Bubbles

                        That Lil~shits @ it again... current grow diary.

                        1400 watts of Old granddad and Route66___completed


                          Hello there stranger........nice to read you's been way to long.......
                          Happy High's


                            WoW where to start i'm humbeled by all the kind responses .

                            hope every1 enjoys there stay grab a hooka hose take a nice slow draw n kick back. good to see old friends in here and some new ones also.

                            hey Lil Brotha glad you joined the party this place really dose rock lots of good peeps here. i'll post them pics ya sent me last night

                            Sister Teresa glad to see you around hope all has been good for you and your's.

                            heres a few pics of LiL~greensprouts Old Grandad

                            i was gifted by brotha Greenlion some Deep Chunk crosses most came unamed.

                            Old Grandad - Pure Kush [fm] x Purple Kush/Deep Chunk [m]
                            the female i dusted with pollen on 2 lowers branches reminded me of grandaddy purple. except she vegged much faster and produced hella more but taste and smell was spot on GDP. hence my calling this cross Old Grandad, the male used had Deep Chunk tendicies from hat i read on the DC strain. i also took same males pollen and hit 1 decaps lower and a chem4 lower.
                            the decap x OGD i named Rapture and it's leaves in my bros garden are huge DC and decap Style. dinner plate sized fan leaves indoor i would imagine window sized if growen outside lmao

                            loven life mang puff puff passn
                            argh Old Grandad pics unsure how far into flower

                            Man made booze God did not
                            God made pot man did not
                            The Old Farmers Almanac
                            U.S. State By State Laws on our hobby

                            Beneficial Insects
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                            sick plant ??? <-- mynamestitch's work

                            Informative threads by I.M. Boggled

                            PotHeads BunKer 2011


                              great lineages of the genetics,,,

                              beautiful skills as well


                              Share The Love, Spread The Wealth!