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    ...edit for being an ass
    give it up for the ganja farmer


      I see, thanks for the clarification.


        I have in clone form; Black Lime Reserve (#5), In The Pines, Chemdawg Special Reserve, and Oil Spill

        BLR#5: From Wonderland Nursery
        -Supposedly the real "limey" pheno

        In The Pines: From Artifact Nursery
        -Not "officially/directly" from Aficionado. They do claim the supplier says it is in fact from aficionado seed stock, and its the emerald cup pheno. Only one way to find out.

        CDSR: From Artifact Nursery
        -They said this cut was obtained directly from Aficionado. Hoping its the emerald cup pheno.

        Oil Spill: From Wonderland Nursery.
        -Literally acquired yesterday. XXX OG x Royal Kush. Extremely rare. I don't think this was ever released as a seed and Wonderland was simply gifted a couple of trays. We were lucky enough to acquire the last two. They describe it as jet fuel, candied lemon, diesel and sweet skunk spray. Which is EXACTLY what I am looking for in an OG.


          lots of aficionado clones being released , wow .........

          very josey ,


            We have had blr clones in the shop for a while one seems to really want any or know anything about em up here hehehe

            Be Good Humans.....

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              Great thread BTW. I remember seeing it a long time ago and getting more motivation to hunt down the rare genetics.

              I have two clones of each strain which will serve as mothers.

              We still have to buy for one more round, but we will be totally self sufficient in the near future.

              Good news and bad news...

              For the BLR and Oil Spill, we will have to wait until next go around to see the potential.

              Good news, Artifact has more cuts of the CDSR and In The Pines ready to go, so we are going to run one light of each. We will also be running their Blue Dragon. (We have three lights)

              The round after that will be BLR, Oil Spill, and the third light will depend on what we like most out of the CDSR, In The Pines and Blue Dragon.


                Well, I don't know about "a lot". The Oil Spill was extremely limited, and I think the BLR was just about the same.

                In The Pines and CDSR, yes. Those are easy to acquire. But hey, factor in the don't knows and the other people who aren't willing to drive to Mendo/Humboldt counties.


                  can't wait till fall , I am sitting on beans of two crosses with black lime reserve as the father.
                  one from baked beanz server drop, lucky charms x black lime , the other is chocolate trip xblack lime which I was fortunate enough to stumble across and be blessed with.
                  can't wait to see what kind of goodness comes from these and will for sure be making F2's
                  HERE take the doob..... i got another fuggen fish on <(---<


                    Like you Tom, I made some beans with BLR, but mine was the mother with a Skunk IBL as the father. Can't wait for a fall run with these.


                      i,d have to say i was lucky enough to be gifted a lot of BLR f2 , it seems most of the phenos, i,m coming through all have a very unique stone and different in subtle way ,

                      i,m testing seeds atm of my most liked bl f3 #1 , all very stout indica looking offspring , very robust , though i,m looking forward to popping the f3 #3 she's was a big sativa leaning outdoor pheno with a long lasting stone 4 hour duration and nice up buzzy high .

                      i also popped another dozen of the original f2 and wow there,s lots more different structures in them and very excited to be looking for new male to hit my f3 #1 and i,ll also hit the f2 with a male from the f3 #1 , looking for the best candidates .

                      also probably hit a irene x irene apparition with a black lime f3 #1 male as i,m selecting from a larger number of males .

                      wow kinda sounds like breeding more than pollen chucking , very additive hunting through nice linages.

                      *** has anyone ever come across the limeade ? i think thats what it was called ? *****
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                        have some Family Vault Purple finishing up now outdoors southern Sierras...........smell like sour grape skins.......made F2's from a very nice male found in lot...........

                        ganj on...........


                          Irene Bx1 x Black Lime f3 - yes please!!! Sounds like a killer indica combo!

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                            Here is my BLR pictured from 8/23. It's starting to stack now compared to this picture

                            Really looking forward to this one after hearing the descriptions of it.
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                              Originally posted by dank.frank View Post
                              Irene Bx1 x Black Lime f3 - yes please!!! Sounds like a killer indica combo!

                              no frank , i have nicer on the go pollinating in a week actually . just waiting for more pistils to maximise seed ,

                              i have a purple long valley royal kush (garberville purple kush leaning ) x hitting it with black lime also hitting headbangers with black lime . they will be special .

                              the headbanger such a gorgeous plant , get some stability in structure i,ll be super happy , going with a very sturdy male .

                              @who dat , you still got that thing , lol just jokes my friend ...... your going to love it , the indica ones carry heavy lime fuel terpz . i have like 20 small blr just about finished fully seeded with all sorts nice combo,s . we,ll have to get you onto the sativa leaning pheno,s

                              its a shit pic , but heres the long valley royal , only one out of 25 to purple
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                                I guess I have a lot of Aficionado growing now also. I have 2 cuts of BL from harborside, 1 from Darkheart nursery and the other from I forgot. 1 is supposed to be from the cup winner pheno. Also found 2 females from Beanz BL#1. From harborside I also got a cut of Chem Dawg SP growing. My LVRK seeds I popped turned out to be males, prolly try again soon. In bloom I have some BL X Locktite and Malawi X BL, all them fuckers look premium
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