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Zamaldelica x Kali China feminized


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5ish weeks, pollinated by a herm tang sorbet


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Hi guys,

Well I owe you a smoke report, it s time, she s been curing for 2 months and is just getting better each day !

Well I will make a summary of my experience plus that of 2 other friends who got to taste her. Everybody loved her.

The aromas are fresh, floral like white flowers, carrot, tangerine with some earthy notes, they are quite intense.
They transfer into a smooth smoke with subtle minty, basil notes, very smooth and subtle.

The high is uplifting, bright, really mind-clearing and positive. Really feel good. It is really sativa for me, I could not say that there are indica genes if I did not know there s KC inside, it s really clean and clear. One of my colleague is more into modern hybrids and she really loves her kindness and warmth, no way heart racing she said.
All sativa but not racy, for me rather uplifting.

It lasts long and if you overindulge it can become strong.

I find it a cool and peaceful vibe but still with power beneath...

I am really happy with the result, great smoke. That added to the troublefree grow and to the nice yields... That s pretty awesome weed !

I ll post some pictures of the buds next week ;)

Cheers guys !


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Hey boys, @dubi ,planning some Zam x KC outdoors next year. How loud is the smell? I'd like to have 2 small plants cca 1,5m in height. Or shall I go for the pure Zamaldelica?

Herbert Chickybaby

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Hey boys, @dubi ,planning some Zam x KC outdoors next year. How loud is the smell? I'd like to have 2 small plants cca 1,5m in height. Or shall I go for the pure Zamaldelica?
I've got a small one, though pretty packed out with buds, growing at the moment in my outdoor garden, it can definitely be smelled, but not that strong, 4 feet away or so, though I haven't noticed anything further away than that. I grew a larger one earlier this year, I don't think it was too smelly either, I am a bit worried about that too, so I would probably not have planted any more if it were strong. I have yet to try smoking it though, my first one got totalled by botryitis, so here's hoping it will soon finish and remain fungus free to the end. She's about a month late, still lots of new bud growth and Its strong smelling when you stick your nose right into it, as it should be.


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Hey boys, @dubi ,planning some Zam x KC outdoors next year. How loud is the smell? I'd like to have 2 small plants cca 1,5m in height. Or shall I go for the pure Zamaldelica?
Hi man,

Well I won t speak for Dubi, just my own experience last summer. It was not so smelly, like Herbert said, 6 feet from her I would not smell her, so quite stealthy in that sense. I grew only one plant though so, let s wait for Dubi s answer to be sure ;)

Herbert Chickybaby

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So, I took my outdoor grown bonsai (only about 2/3 of a metre high) Zamal-Kali China down today here in NE Tieland. I have mixed feelings about the grow, I suppose because i am not sure if I waited too long to harvest or not. Anyway, here's my spaced out prog-rock song and dance about all of that and a couple of photos. May I suggest that you play a Pink Floyd synthesizer solo, such as the one on "Welcome to the Machine" or "Dogs" through a Roland Space Echo and a flanger comes in after the paragraph.

I would guess there's about two ounces of pretty strong pot. I am going to get a very good dive into this kind of weed. Thanks to the generosity of this little plant. And over all i am pretty happy about everything else apart from the confusing re-flowering at the end. This is another amazing weed creation by the Ace team, I wish I had another 100 years to live to get into it all.

But, yesterday, I was alerted by some powdery mildew starting to form on her buds, not very much, but enough to say, maybe it does not matter that there are a lot of white pistils still, I better take her down tomorrow. That was the issue, I was ready to take her down two weeks ago, and suddenly she threw an explosion of white pistils. Maybe it was just a ploy to extend her life. Well it worked. I decided to wait and the wait was about two weeks, until today when just as suddenly the pistils were all brown and brown parts of the buds and leaves starting to form. Comparing photos, the buds looked in much better condition two weeks ago, there are now many brown patches as you can see. I am now not sure waiting two more weeks was the right decision.

I had to clean the buds in water-hydrogen pyroxide to make sure there was no powdery mildew on the harvest and they got a good spray down so I think thats why, if you zoom in, you can see there are large patches with no resin glands and others with very many. The resin glands do look very milky however and I am very happy about that but I am not sure what I see in certain parts of the photos, powdery mildew or resin glands because the camera is a bit old and does not focus very well. I did not see any powdery mildew just inspecting the plants after cleaning and soaking up the water-hydrogen peroxide soluion off of them, but my old powdery mildewed and botyritised out eyes are about as unreliable as my camera. Also, There is a clear jello look to some of the buds in the picture when you zoom in too, it may just be water left from the cleaning, my camera has definitely become a bit unreliable. Yeah, sorry to the great weed artists on this site, this is just more of my janky shit.

Anyway, it looks like solid smoke just inspecting it with my eyes, not bud porn for sure, but most of it looks resinous enough I think, the smell is very much there, to be honest it makes me a little sick to smell it, its got a very sweet sugary fruit smell mixed up with grandma's cheap perfume, about 40 percent of the smell, and the rest is what I like herby, earthy, desert sage brush, that nutty (as in nuts that you eat, not crazy, whacky nutty, haha, like you guys are and me too) kind of smell many kinds of pot buds have, and a certain sharp, burning almost ammonia edge around the whole composition of smells. Yes, its quite complex for sure, not that unusual, in fact I got a lot of those smells were also coming off of my newly forming Bokeo and quite far along Lao Gold sativa buds today when I took a good smell check on them, but i cannot wait to try the Zamal-Kali China finally after my first grow failed at the very end about 4 months ago, a tremendous amount of pot on that 3.5 foot plant, probably 5-6 ounces dry weight had to be dumped because of botryitis. This plant did not have nearly the prodiguous amount of material, but still too has probably more than I need.

I wish you guys all lived around here I'd give you all a quarter ounce each for New years, some Zenith, which is my favorite stuff at the moment, some Honduras Mexican, also rapidly getting more interesting as it cures, and some Lao Sa which I have not tried yet and some Zamaldelica-Kali China.

OK, better stop before I have you reading a goddamn book entitled "Biography of a Zamaldelica-Kali China Plant," with the second volume, soon to follow, a simple smoke report that turned into, "Diary of a Zamaldelica-Kali China Fiend."


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Just up potted my single tester of this yesterday. With its short internode and stocking structure, it’s safe to say it’s a kali China leaner.🤣 my orient express in flower looks similar as well with sweaty feet/ some kind of sharp tropical fruit aroma.


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One of the many tops of my super stretchy zam x kd pheno. Plant is like almost 150cm tall 😅.Tops are starting to fall as they've gained some weigh closing in 6 weeks from first pistils. Smells of tropical fruits and creamy sweetness. Definetly more interesting pheno than the more hashplant kc types. Do you think trying to clone some lower top in shade could still be possible, or is revegging better option if I'd like to clone it?

E. Picture doesn't do justice to the trichomes, I'm unable to move plants outside my tent as the tops are all over the place.


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I bet that stretchy pheno is nice. The 2 I have grown have both been pretty squat, but the terps and high are top shelf. I just harvested the accidentally pollinated girl and put a cutting of her into flower to give her a proper run.


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May i introduce you to my second plant of zamaldelica x kali china. Its about 33 days of flower on 11/13. temps around 20 degrees.

There was a very small stretch on this plant i was a bit surprised but it is ideal for small spaces. Strongest smelling strain in my cabinet, leaning towards the kali china side. Incense, mango, maybe a bit of babyshit, or some body smells :) in a good way. It is really finishing fast now.


Her next to a green mountain grape f2. Same age, same soil, same potsize

Herbert Chickybaby

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Looks real good so far ilovegrowing. Still waiting for mine to finish curing. Had a few sneak pre-view sessions, very promising, another unique and excellent strain from Ace.