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You are given a lump sum of $25,000. What would you do?



get 2 more house, blow them the fuck up...........

turn $25k into $250k the first year........... THIS
Buy one of these:


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Build two greenhouses, one for summertime soil veggies and one for the rest using artificial sunshine :D


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i love that guy, i know he say a million, but with today's economy j.c. could prob pull off two chix with 25 k.


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physical silver. will go up by many multiples real fast due to various supply/demand reasons. there is no significant inventory of physical silver available now nor anytime for years to come and demand is a straight up rocket-ship that's getting ready to launch. jp morgan, hbs and their peers have rigged the paper silver and physical silver's present ridiculously low price is a byproduct of this paper silver ponzy scheme. physical silver can actually end up pricing out higher than physical gold. idiit.

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I would invest it into several low risk investments and make it work for me.

The difference between many rich and poor people in America is patience. Poor people stay poor because they save their money and buy what they want. Rich people get that way because they save up their money invest it and buy what they want with some of the dividends. That way you get to keep your 25 g.

You could buy cheap land in a med state, that is about 5 to 10 miles out from a suburb that was growing before the crash. Then grow weed on it in green houses until the land is worth more when the market is back up in about 6 to 10 more years. Continue to buy up connecting land. Then when the suburb starts expanding again sell the land to real estate developers for fat cash before government takes it for eminent domain for a highway or some bullshit.


i'd get my bike fixed, possibly even upgraded a tad. that'd leave me with about 24 grand that would sit in multiple savings accounts at different banks/credit unions. oh, and i'd get me a p.o. box in a small suburb.


Take $2k of it for a hobby
Give it to more unfortunate people living day to day by recycling
Donate to M.A.P.S


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turn it into 100k in 4 months.

4k flip flopped.

two runs...........

with my eyes closed.

blumats have changed my life!!

just sayin.


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I'd be out looking for my old farm house to buy & renovate . with lots of land hopefully . :)