You are given a lump sum of $25,000. What would you do?


The grown up kids and the grndchildren would make short work of it....
If I had enuff left over I,d pay my light bill



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$10,000 for a plot of farmable land.

~$6000 down on 6 months rent on a nice house with a cool land lord.

~$4,000 for grow equipment.

Sit on about $5,000.

6 months later I could have a house built with the money made from the rental. Probably spend $1000 on Gold and Silver in there somewhere.. Maybe a case of ammo?


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have a similar situation comming in the next 10 years.I'd pay up my bills ,store my stuff with the folks,if im not still living at the same place. And head off to Nepal 1/2 year then Se asia the other half year.Then come back to deal with the rat race again.....


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Im going to find a nice plot of land in the triangle and live the rest of my life there.

Oh and for those of you that have plenty of cash you can invest in me. You can come visit me anytime and site on my porch with me


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Pay off debt - treat my gf and my kid - and then work on getting out of that damn house I'm stuck with.
if i was not going to use it to make more cash i would have to use it to make a low budget zombie movie . kinda over done but it would be fun as hell and since no low budget zombie movie is complete without a hot naked chick id get to see alot of nice racks lookin for the right actress lol

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Taxes are taken care of for your gift and you have $25,000.
Now what? What would *you* do?

yikes you offering something? let me get back to you on that one! :D
well seriously this takes some thought, I would like to blow it at Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun since it is not too far a drive and I could win something, or I could get some kickass telescope and discover a comet destined to hit Earth and save humanity or something, and warn people in time to save all life on this planet, yeah I'd call that one hell of a valid reason for existing! So I don't know, too profound, will get back to you on that! Great thread!


Maybe I'd go to Amsterdam for a week or two.

But besides that I'd just use it for "living". I think I might be one of those "boring" people. :D


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I would just stack it up with the rest...and do the same thing I always do...Hope the fuck this carries me through to the next harvest--:dance013:


I'd probably actually give it to GRANNY PAT or PINKEY A propper cauce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 25k is nowt to some of us and I aint greedy I like my own money.


I'd set up the grow that I want to set up so bad right now but can't having been without a job for over 2 years.
I'd turn that cash over and over and over in the following year!


If U havnt got a nest to electrify, I would by some land in a forest\remote place and go underground. Cheapest way to get a really cool, temp.stabile and nuclearblastsafe growcave.
U can easily live there year around. We got some fanatics that did that in Scandinavia, and thats though enough environments for anyone...


Better yet, go to an armyoutsale of the state, and look for abandoned bases\old radarstations\old lighthouses.. Those are often equipped with a fully vented, batterybackedup powered steelreinforced 100 ppl.barracks underground. (not the lighthouses by the sea, but still)