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What year were you born?


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truth seems somewhat relative - there is often a back story.

but this is totally true: i have lived long enough to have walked through the end of a rainbow (parked outside front entrance of Stanford AI Lab - seemed appropriate at the time) and talk about it ... i had never believed a rainbow could touch the ground, and be a stable enough vision to walk-the fuck-through.

did NOT see a leprechaun/pot of gold so that shit it totally made up.

although SAIL was pure gold ... ... ah, nuance.


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@TPFTFW - you still have time (maybe - don't know you) ... i didn't start aerobics until age 34 getting ready for my kid and strength training at age 65. low carb is the cherry on the top for incredible health ... for me, anyway.
I’ve been considering keto just to initially drop weight, I have a solid base from playing soccer for 10-15 years growing up so I was rather active and pretty damn good at soccer haha

I do gotta start exercising more however

my back is just pretty messed up as is has been since I can remember