We grow vegetable gardens too! Post your Garden pics here

St. Phatty

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We got some RAIN.

Was going to spend 10 minutes on my Poopy Potatoes.

My experiment in "Dry Septic" (no water). Cover the Night-soil with Leaves, then put the potato eyes down, then cover with soil & let it get rained on.

Then when guests say, "oh these potatoes are so tasty" you ask them if they want to hear about your gardening technique. :party:

But I would have to be really hungry to dig up the potatoes. It's mostly for the deer.

Might experiment with planting potatoes on a small cliff face. Just dig a little at the bottom, cause a small land-and-potato slide.

In the meantime, there's always the 5 pound bag of hash browns from Walmart for $5.

Rico Swazi

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last years pike melon were prolific despite drought conditions
gonna double down this year, firm flesh , excellent taste





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St. Phatty

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Maybe I'll finally get around to planting Potatoes today.

The Poopy Potatoes section of the Garden ! ! ! :groupwave:

Nightsoil covered with Oak Leaves. :grouphug: