*The K.I.S.S. Method*

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If I had to guess i'd say its a bottomless 5 gallon bucket around his light so he could take a picture? I dont really know. lol. :D


Carry on! :)
It's a 5gallon bucket with the bottom cut off. I use it as a shade when i'm working in there. It makes my regular sunglasses just right, and keeps me from burning myself on the lamp.
Thank Yall both.

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damn that Mob Boss is frosty as hell and you still have a while to go. GrindHouse has some frosty strains, i gotta get my Ultra Sonjas going now that i have room and i too will pollonate her and have some F2's.

keep us updated.



What kind of water pump are you using to break the surface? Can you post a pic of what your talking about?



^^I think he's using the pump to circulate the reservoir and to add DO(dissolved oxygen). But I'll let Ioni answer why he does.



Used the MB today. Wasted money on a ph kit, because the MB buffers my high ass tap right down to 6... making this EVEN easier/cheaper. Never messed with ph using organics and dolomite anyway.

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Wanted to throw up a few pics of some Gorilla grape thats coming down in 5 days. Couldn't resist a test nug:D
This was grown in rock wool, K.I.S.S. all the way...

I use 60gph fountain pumps in my 6 dwc buckets ($9.99 at Harbor tools). IME, they aerate the buckets better than bubblers, but they do raise the water temp a tad (never checked it but it's noticeable if I stick my hand in). The plants are drinking MaxiBloom, so they don't mind the temp! I use my bubblers to lower the Ph of the nutes overnight before it goes in the buckets.
I have read this whole thread!

I like the idea, But there are a few things I do not like,

For the main reason I would like to see the plants yellow off at the end. That pic of the bud is to green for me, Telling me that the plant had to much (N) at the end of flower. This can affect taste and smell. I think switching to a flowing fert lower in (N) about 3-4 weeks into bloom would be a good choice.

I am going to be teaching classes soon and have been wondering if this was a good way to bring in new growers and keep it simple. I am still on the fence though. I am ready to take a room down and will try a few things for myself to see what is up.



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everything i gots been yellown off at the end :D it flushes out great in my experince even in a 25+ gall pot

1st day of flush

10 days later with only 2 waterngs/flushes

and a nugget after 2 weeks in a jar

also he said plant still had 5 days left alot can happen in 5 days flusn in coco ;)

stay safe


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No problem with yellowing off with the KISS. I dont even flush per say, just water 10 to 14 days. Get great yellowing. Usally my ppm run 1200ppm to 1400ppm before I begin to water. Make sure you get you class on the KISS especially for beginners they will think you the best teacher.