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The Haze Hybrid Thread


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very nice blue hazes people heres a couple of phenos of my diy bluedream which came about after a friend in us would rave to me about the cut jony blaze which uses the same pollen as bluedream crossed to azure haze which uses the same ssh mum close as i could get had some real enjoyable plants gong thru em



last pic is the one i bred off and the mum of the blue lagoon i posted earlier has a real mellow long lasting clear high with no drop off


Sam's haze mix pack IX. The mother of this one was grapey funk and nice smoke. Think there is haze in it?


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The big wide leaves are dead giveaway

Original cut has unmistakable pencil like thin leaves

If you have a chance get the clone or try the bodhi or snowhigh hybrids

That humboldt seeds hybrid hope you get some decent smoke out of it

Its not terrible but then again its not really close to the original once youve had it...

Youll know :biggrin:


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Could be but I am familiar with that humboldt seeds blue dream

Its crazy they dont say what the genetics are

But its just one of those things

Like i said the Clone is unmistakable The leaves are just a different shape altogether

I have no idea why humboldt seeds gets away with not informing people what its hybridized with

So we dont know

Hope you get some great smoke out of it for sure

I always say its the plant you grow yourself that is the best

but just be aware there is an original clone out there that is way different

Like i said its not terrible but no wheres near the original cut

By growing it yourself whatever it is you are miles ahead of people buying it

There is also bodhi and snowhigh that have inexpensive hybrids out there that express a bit closer to the original

Someone here talked about crossing bluedream to OHaze That would be maybe even better

But the Original cut of Blue Dream is actually very good

The leaves on humboldt version are more compact shape and the cut has long pencil leaves

I wish that company would be more up front about what they put out there... they just call it 'blue dream'

No reason why you can't get some very decent smoke off it Just be aware theres more out there


Elmer Bud

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G `day HR

1st one is AG13 x HPHz / Haze AC by Dirk Diggler re vegged and flowered again .
Next C5 x Jack by Hupla .Then C5 x A5 T from e.T and the big cola one is HPHz x A5T also from e.T .

All able to yield big . Finish around 100 days .

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I ran this in 2012, my favorite Haze hybrid to date. Absolutely devastating with all of the hazy incense flavor and scent you could ask for.

ACE Green OTH x Panama


The one on the left.... the one on the right had a friendlier vibe,more lemon than incense and twice the yield, but we are talking about the other one here.