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The Haze Hybrid Thread


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I love haze!
. . . and because I love haze, I love haze hybrids.
To me, an infusion of the right haze can improve the quality of high for almost any strain.

Why do I love haze?
There is a magical quality from those old Colombian genetics that brings me right back to 1978, a kid riding home on my bike after smoking some rich Colombian brown, and as the effects started to come on, the energy of natural world opened up around me and connected with my soul like a computer connecting with an unseen wireless network.
I was plugged in!
The radiance of the sun, feeling that energy on my skin.
The light filtering through the tree branches and leaves above me. Sparkling green and gold electricity. Alive and communicating.
The wind not just in my face from pedaling hard, but swirling all around me, alive, and feeding life. Tree branches swaying in the breeze like a dance. I was very much aware of passing THROUGH it. The sound as it whipped past . . . turbulent . . . a signal of progress.
The smells. It was springtime and there were flowers and fresh turned dirt from the farmers field on my right. Asphalt heating up beneath me. All charged to release by the heat of the sun.
My movements were fluid and smooth. My body charged with the energy that surrounded me and that surged within me.
Limitless. Painless. Euphoria.
And that was just the beginning :)
Yeah. Haze does the exact same thing to me now. 40 years later.
When I realized that MNS Haze C and Seedsman's oHaze were pure Colombian that hit me exactly like the Colombian I smoked the first time I got high, I felt like the luckiest guy on earth.
As a grower though, I preferred a different structure, shorter flower times, and I had LOVED the hashy smell and taste of indicas since I grew a bunch of them in '82.
So I have to admit I was afraid of disappointment when I grew a batch of oHaze hybrids I made with pollen from my oHaze male on a bunch of elite cuttings held by a great friend.
Chem D, Chem 4, ECSD, OGkush. These are notoriously potent and smelly indicas. Would my oHaze be lost in the mashup? What kind of effects could I expect?
Growing them was easy enough. The flower time shortened to around 12 weeks. The buds looked amazing, slightly looser than the mothers that made the seeds. Smells somehow altered with a the addition of rich Colombian cocoa earthy spice.
Although each of the 4 hybrids retained the unique character of the mother in taste and effect, they had all been infused with the addition of taste and effects from the oHaze male.
The magic was still in them!
Yeah, the OG x oBoy could blast me to flat line when I first started smoking her, and the others were definitely not as clear headed as the oHaze (electric, amped up, sometimes too much.) But I LIKE the hybrid effect. Like being wrapped in a warm blanket when looking at the stars at night.
After a while, I found that I could handle any of them at any time. Just took "practice" LOL.
It become my daily ritual. Coffee and my hybrids, on the porch with my dog. Experiencing all the magic haze can bring as the sun and wind started their dance with the trees surrounding my yard.

Why make another haze thread?
I am making this thread as a place to come and discuss your favorite haze hybrids. Whether you bred the seeds yourself or got them from another. Bought the flowers or grew them.
This thread is wide open to discuss anything you want about those lines.
I don't even care if you want to come here and explain why PURE haze is better than a hybrid, but if you do, you must do it with respect to other people's preferences.
I would also expect you to make your point once and then let it go. Posting the same old points over and over again is nagging, tiresome, and and a foolish way to try and change anyone's thinking.
If you can't do those things, I'll ask the post killers to do their jobs.
So . . . Haze x NL? SSH? Blue Dream? Haze x Malawi? Haze x Lapis Mountain Indica? Mango, Ghost Train, Johnny Blaze, Nevil's Haze, Amnesia, Titans haze, you name it. Please bring it all here!
Share your pics, share your grows, and share your smoke reports

This thread is the place for you. And everyone else who shares the passion for a great balanced Haze hybrid.
Looking forward to all the great stories and info!

PS: Like they say on youtube, please "Link" "Like" and "Subscribe"

Most famous Haze Hybrid EVER:
Nevil's NL#5 x Haze A

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Shit man they look so damn tasty!:tiphat:
Oh yeah!
Tastes . . .
Biker OG x oBoy
Buttery hash x earthy incense

ECSD x oBoy
Sour Fuel x earthy incense

Chem#4 x oBoy
Citrus hash x earthy incense

Honestly, it was as simple as that.
I may have gone into more detail when I grew them, but it was a straight 1 + 1 thing with those elites.

Effects were a little more variable.
The Chem#4 was my favorite out of all of them across the board.


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Hey raho nice work...im not too clued up on some of these newer hybrids, I just wondered wat the genetics of oboy actually are ??

It's a seedsman ohaze line I got from a member here years ago.
"oBoy" = my oHaze male.

Check the thread in my signature for the whole story.
All I have left of him is hybrids now, and a couple of 7 year old pollen packets.


Hi Raho man. I had a pack of your oboy X years back, popped but never finished them
Sour bubble x Sam's skunk haze x wonder haze (SSH x Williams wonder)
Amplified potency. This one smelt like ice cream.


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I love sativas and sativa-leaning haze hybrids! I've had good success growing MNS haze hybrids - Angel's Breathe, Grail Widow and The Doors. I had extremely good luck finding an 18-week haze-dominant keeper out of only four F2 seeds. When I start with a MNS haze hybrid, I know it has the real deal Haze C and Haze A in it, and that's what I breed towards. I select and cross the most sativa leaning female and male siblings. I'm a contrarian in that I select towards longer flowering times because that's going to get me closer to something like Burning Bush, which is what I believe Nevil got from SamS and what gave him the Haze A and C males.

In the case of Angel's Breathe, this was the 13-week F1 female. She was a mango haze leaner, and the flavor of the smoke was pure mango. Really potent and flavorful weed and no intersex issues.


This was the Angel's Breathe F1 male. He reminded me of pictures I've seen of Thai plants. He showed complete sexual stability and had a really nice flower structure. He showed good resin coverage on the stems.



Out of only four Angel's Breathe F2 seeds from this cross, I got this remarkable 18-week haze plant. It is completely stable sexually and makes a huge cola the size of a gallon jug. It has stacked calyxes that look just like dreadlocks. It has a lemon-pine-floral smell that tastes to me exactly like lemon drops when a fresh-rolled joint is dry toked. It leaves a distinctly church-like lingering aroma in the room after it is burned. It's high lasts for over 5 hours can induce audible and visual hallucinations. It is exceptional weed. I made F3s which have not been tested and I'm currently outcrossing it to punto rojo to swing the needle further in the sativa direction.




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WOW! Beautiful flowers my friends!
Tried to give proper + rep but it says I have to wait before giving more to all of you :)
I don't think my famous friend I collaborated with was as impressed by them as I was. He liked the more powerful crosses he made with his Nevil's haze males.
I liked those a LOT too, but after a while that Haze A started to mess with my head.

He did like the offspring we got from a (Biker x oBoy) male I sent him pollen from. He made a BX with that which made pure "orange pine OG" flavor and crazy potency. That male was killer.


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It's a seedsman ohaze line I got from a member here years ago.
"oBoy" = my oHaze male.

Check the thread in my signature for the whole story.
All I have left of him is hybrids now, and a couple of 7 year old pollen packets.

Ah got you. Thank you for the reply....did you manage to get any that looked similar to the oboy ohaze father from the hybrids you made..


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OldcoolSativa excellent work, especially trying to work with wat you hav to get wat you want..takes alot of work trying to get something that represents the original stock ..