SOS I did something stupid!


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At least you didn't pump a gasoline engine's fuel tank full of diesel (or vice versa).. Or add coolant to your oil... ;^>)

Besides, look at it this way; every mechanical foul-up is an opportunity to stay home, eat well, drink a beer, and smoke a joint.... until you pick a path and your job is done... With the right beer and joint, that might be days of rest and relaxation to be had. ;^>)

getting ready for work one morning, realized Sportster was low on gas. grabbed one of my dads gas jugs & started pouring. too late! it was used motor oil... so i did exactly what you said & took full advantage of bad situation. at least i didn't try to start it & suck oil into the carb & cylinders.:woohoo:


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pull the return hose off the resorvoir and start the car, it'll empty in less than a minute, goodluck.