Some Nice African and Foreign Girls, to Flower.

Yeah, the DP is quite cool coz it stacks up round the stem almost like a Spiral staircase,

The rest are getting fatter and my other DP is pregnant,the Spanish smells like fuel,Guava smells like lemons, quite a contrast for your first breath of air :)

Ill be posting more pics this weekend,

Thanks for stopping by TB,

Namaste :Joint:


weed fiend
Arthur, how did I miss your thread? Nice cab, plants and strains. I like the CFLs, I bet two will really rock!

I noticed you were having temp issues. I assume you flower at night or the coolest part of the 24 hour period?

Fans blowing on your bulbs would cool the hot spot as well as mix cooler air in the cab, netting a lower temp ceiling. If not blowing directly on the bulb, set them up to blow between the bulb and canopy. Plants will benefit from the air circulation and temp reduction. The bulbs obviously warm most of the upper cab but there's an even hotter envelope around the circumference of the bulbs. This "hot spot" is what fans would help dissipate.

I hate to mention after you've completed your cabinet. Active intake is possibly cooler than passive intake but it's much harder to tune air-flow. For this reason, your exhaust fans may endure more static pressure from the intake fan as opposed to an open hole(s).

I'm not attempting to get you to change your setup. But IMO, if you're having trouble with the temps, passive intake(s) will work better.

To overcome typical pressures in the cab, passive intake needs to be 2x the size of each exhaust fan. I'd make both your large fans exhaust and cut three more intake holes the same size as the original. You could instead cut one square or rectangular hole 2x the area of the combined exhaust. That should get you within 4 to 6 degrees C above ambient, maybe cooler.

The hottest months will be tough but high heat strains may do just fine if flowered at night.
Hey Disco,

Your advice is so golden I took it before you gave it, I had a good friend check out the cab and he helped the circulation for me we cut two holes on the bottom of the cab and placed piping to block light,

I will post pics for ya, just cant at work, :-(

Dude what an honor, shot for stopping by.

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Thanks man. Good to hear you've got things under control.

I've been growing less than 5 years. If it hadn't been for this place and all the growers' help, I wouldn't know how to keep em alive, let alone harvest. I've grown vegetables outdoors for decades and killed house plants for decades. Now I'm doing a little better, lol.
I graduated at an Agricultural College about 7 years ago,I have run cane farms citrus farms and timber, .... IMHO the most fun ive had farming though,

Is in my little cupboard, :)

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Nice to see some African genes for a change. I feel they are so underrated and don't get the recognition they so deserve.
Good job so far.
Its My Birthday and almost time to impress, Im sorry that the pics are taking so long , its these Sativas they take so long, but when you smoke you are always happy. :)

I have crossed the smaller DP female with BBgxNycd/DCxPTK ,, Half half, Sativa (pure as gold) and The indica Hybrid, yum yum yummy, I will be getting a few hundred seeds from this little lady, Cant wait to see how they turn out.

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Happy Bday Arthur!
I'll follow your thread.Im interested how sativas will do under cfl's.
Good luck!
Thanks SubZero, :)

Thanks Pannonia, :) ,,, you will be pleased with the results, I have learned from Lasko, that patience is key, and what you get from a sativa, Indoor, outdoor, Literally blows your mind, and seems so much more worth it as you wait so long, :)

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Hey, Arthur. It's not my birthday, just singing for you.:D Good thing it's virtual, lol. Glad to see you've got it going on indoors and out. Nice patio planters.

I even noticed the bit of classical guitar creeping into the drying pic. Are you a musician too?:)


Bro how i missed this.
Nice setup & nice genetics. I like those sativas you will be pleased with them.
And happy birthday bro, all the greenest

@disco ... when my guitar gently weeps ... :D are you also musician :D looks like musicians like sativas
Yes I have been jamming for about 11years, you all know as well as I do, that Pot makes music better,and good music even better than that :)

Shot for dropping in Lasko. :)

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yo Art, looking good in that box. is that a durban in the outdoor pic? i think im going to trysome outdoors again this yr but not really sure, how do you keep insects off of your plants?? im going to stop back and see how things are going for you. Good luck...
I use snail spray to avoid most bugs, its a local product we use on the Sugar Cane for most of thier issuses,

Weed love it too, during flowering it has built up enough resistance for a simple spray of water on a contaminated head,but i expexct the kelp extract does all the resistence work for me.

thanks for poppimg in guys,

Namaste :joint: