Some Nice African and Foreign Girls, to Flower.

Dont get me wrong, CFL's can be the easier option and work very well if you use the correctly (distances from bulbs)

But Hps will always give you Bigger buds and the Sun well the sun is the Sun. ;-)

Namaste :joint:


Thanks for the rep ;);

The only issue i have had with using CFL's to grow my plants is the consistency of the actual bud (end result) Sativa is a very airy bud as is, under CFL's it seems I get more Trich growth then the bud actually getting fat, but the quality is in direct comparison as they always get me just as high, Outdoor,indoor,CFL,sun,HPS, I think itis simply a Geneticly strong line when it comes to potency.

Yes,The bud are more airy, that is due to the small quantity of lumens, I think…
But it is not a problem for me, I wish to make only seeds with;

what I have to notice it is that with certain strain (African and Brazil) the leave are deformed whereas of another plant like Jamaica blue moutain or CongoxOTH not no deformation…

I believes that that comes from made that not be to adapt inside, I hope to work them on several generation to cure has this problem;

Currently the only south African strain i grow is a ciskei from tropical seed co, i research transkei or real durban for my cross and preserve them, the landrace research it's a real quest but it's my way !

In south Africa, you have a weed of all Africa, no ?Zimbabwe, Mozanbique,Angola,Congo(Zaire),Zambia, malawi import, no ?

It's a great place for climate and great outdoor, i'm envious !

Good chance for u grow !



Hey man looking good!
I had the same heat problem with my cfls. I had 2 make bigger intake at bottom and i used stronger exhaust fan up top. I also added an extra small internal fan pointing up at exhaust. Hope this helps.

I like that bigass cfl ur using...want one!