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pet your dogs for me, please...


Comfortably numb!
i've been in PetSmart & other places, wandering around, and...see a dog! they invariably spot me too, and drag their owners over so i will pet them. how do they know? i've had more than one person say "this is nuts, my dog does not like anyone..." i must have some aura or something they see and say to themselves "that guy, right there! HE'LL pet me..." it drives my wife nuts. "do you HAVE to pet every dog you see?" :biggrin: "nope, it's purely voluntary." :wave:
I can confirm that as well Mr Hippie. I have a lot of 4 legged friends here :) Recently there was a female that took to me whilst her brother (extremely timid (as stated by the owner)) coward-ed under the ladie's skirt so to speak. Both were rescues and the male showed sign of abuse/trauma, not physically but, you catch my drift.


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They choose us dont they?
I imagine as a cat dog or similar breed of animal that sees nice people in nice humans and says you know what let's give this a shot we might luck out so to speak when they find a human they know when they can sense is a good one they're going to come find you and I don't blame them

I'm going to put my tin foil hat on here so you can take this for what it's worth I was told by a very very intelligent person according to the normal rigmarole where you go to school get a big degree get a fancy wife make millions of dollars and now they're my colleges after having a PhD in something else you know what they told me they told me that human beings especially ones that care and are caring have a certain frequency dogs sentient beings and sentient animals that can sense that immediately no when they recognize that frequency the armed old hippies got a great frequency just like me

I had criteria and did a lot of research before I settled on Thor's litter...and then had to wait for two years - for other reasons. I think if you're looking for something specific, you pick litters, not so much individuals, but that being said...I was set to take one of Thor's littermates (I had pick of the litter), but at the last minute that pup laid down and went to sleep. Thor came over, looked at me, and climbed up into my lap, and said "Let's do this..."

Best wishes for tomorrow, Petrochemical.


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I've been petting mine as I read the thread.

We put one boy down last year and lost another in his sleep a couple weeks ago.

Down to one now.

A house without a dog is tough to call home.

I hope you get set up with a new buddy AOH.
my wife wanted a summer off with no pets to worry about if we went somewhere. no dog, no cat...well, the treacherous cat i rustled/stole in Virginia on vacation that betrayed me and became my youngest son's pet. lol. she's wanting either a standard poodle or another giant schnauzer. i'd like one of each & breed one litter of huge schnoodles, myself. she's not up with that, knows i'd want to keep all of the puppies...:dunno::whistling: too bad dogs don't have but one or two at a time.

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