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Panama Haze

Hello all! So I started a pack of Panama Haze this summer and left them outside one hot day as seedlings and sadly lost all but one.:badday: oh well shit happens. I had a malawi go 16 weeks, which I wasnt expecting so the lone Panama haze was left outside untill almost Nov and began to flower. Seeing as I pretty much lost the entire pack I decided to let her sit in veg for as long as needed to get back to normal.*

She was about full in veg around jan 15 and I let her go untill jan 29 to be sure she had no signs of reveg. Flipped to 12/12 on the 29th. Here we are 2 weeks later and this girl is flowering WAY faster then expected. Probly because of the reveg and she's in such a small pot? Was planning on a much longer strech period so I hope she keeps it up. I will transplant her into her 20 gal home in the next few days and hopefully she will fill the tent.

First pic is 1/19, next two are from today

She is in a peat coco blend with Bu's biodynamic compost, fresh worm castings, soft phos w/ humates, dolm lime, volcanic ash and organic vegan flowering teas- which will be used very lightly. I am using a mulch layer of stems, leaves and popcorn buds from last years outdoor. Have a 600 mh going and have yet to decide if I am going to plug the 1000 hps in.


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Hi ValleyKush,

I'm glad she's responding well to the change to the flowering photoperiod.

I would transplant her in a bigger pot with high quality peat, a bit of worm casting and guano... , and then place her in a sunny place for the upcoming months .... with good quality water and frequent waterings she will do the rest.

Let us know if you have any doubt. Best wishes!
Thanks for stopping in bro. Plugged in the 1000 watt on the 14th and she's loving it! A little too hot with the tent closed ~84f, but she isn't showing any heat stress yet, I try to keep the door open as much as I can and it's right at 80. I need an inline fan to help out the outline, right now its just an open 6'' vent line on the botton.


far beyond driven...
high Valley,
ahh these Panama ... nice one...
i'm happy that i got it too for next grow...
if you have just one than i would transplant her in a bigger container the last 6 weeks...
she will like it and you don't need any nutes...
all the best...
Hey madmac, glad you got a pack, these girls are gona be special. She is in a 20 gal now so she has lots of room to strech out. :comfort:

This girl is pumping out trichs fast! Must be a panama leaner? Really wish the rest of the pack didnt get fried so I could see the variation.
Day 23-

Hope you dont mind if I join you.:smokeit::bongsmi:

This panama is from last falls harvest. She was the only purple pheno and had the most prominent pink hairs. Went into a jar on about Nov 25.

She has a fainter smell then the others and her high is more muddy then her sisters but still has a mellow sativa dom high. Pretty spacious and aware; aware in a spacious way though, much more big picture then the microverse that something like malawi can send you into.
Pulled her out for her weekly training and figured I would take a few pics of her in natural light.

Look who showed up in the mulch! Some wild danish x wild lao! I think I am going to let them grow and see what happens.


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Beautiful ValleyKush!

I love the way she looks in early flowering after the transplant :)
She just looks in her second reflowering, i think she can take 8-9 weeks more to finish since the moment of taken the pictures.

Please, keep us updated! Looks very promising
Gave her a watering of 2tbsp per gal of bentonite clay. Still not sure what this girl wants but it has cal, k, mag, mn, fe, io, and zinc; it also has a negative charge which I assume is beneficial in some way? Maybe not but it cant hurt.

I am seeing a slowing down of fresh pistil growth and some calyx growth, even a few amber crystals on the leaves, so she seems to be winding down.

Here she is a few minutes ago: