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Oldtimer's Haze

Keif Cake

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I had the same issues with a strain I can't remember, always took a week or two longer to root.
I did cuttings as a job, ie thousands per week.
It works better when you use soil or slightly fertilzed sand (or whatever I guess - rockwool, cocos etc), then they don't suffer that much. Or I sometimes dip them in a fertilzer solution i have around when I see them suffering.
I use one of those 2 or 3 gallon bucket cloner and use Clonex, as long as the plant was healthy, and the water temp is right, i rarely get clone failures.
Some may take a couple weeks or so to root, while others root within a few days.

Keif Cake

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The first female from (Golden Tiger x Panama) x (Destroyer x OTH).
Ill probably take the opportunity to hit this with some of the pollen from the short Purple Destroyer x OTH F2


Probably get the remaining 8 Golden Tiger x Panama in a paper towel today, i would like to possibly make more GTP x DOTH. I feel very confident out of 6 more females, a suitable one appear.

And looks like the Chem 91 S1 took the OTH pollen well. Never had 91 before, so im not sure how she compares at this point, but she has a nice funk to her, resin looks great, very curious what OTH 91 will look like. Reports of 91 S1's are very good, probably one of the best S1s you can run and have a very high chance of finding very potent plants.


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Yeah, I finished my pack of 3F x 6M from that first years release a couple summers ago. I crossed the last male and female and have a shit load of seeds from that pairing. Here’s the female that I’ve shared on here before.
I feel no desire whatsoever to go to a dispensary or to grow something new, but this Haze of yours...I'd gladly pay 100+/g! There is no other strain, cut or bud I'd want to try out as much!
Love to read your beautifully inspired and accurate Oldtimer's Haze smoke report @Theorganicguy
how you chose new words (for me) to describe her terpenes, and the way you describe her effects: super clean psychedelia that enhances senses, energy and perception, makes you feel more alive,without intoxicating side effects other than too much excitation). Glad you also discovered her social and extroverted side.

By your description of the qualities of the finished product and look of the finished flowers (love those reddish pistils!), i can confirm she is a really interesting expression, not your typical straight Green Haze or straight Purple expression, something a bit different.

Curious to learn more also about your Oldtimer's Haze x ErdPurt! I have never been a fan of crossing clean tropical sativas with heavy indicas, although very interesting F1 combos can be found when crossing 2 completely different IBLs. In fact, we have tested some new sativa x ErdPurt hybrids this outdoors season and they are really good! Appreciate your efforts with this difficult strain. How did this year' Oldtimer's Haze finish ?
Hi, Dubi. I can absolutely confirm that OTH #3 is something truly special that should be cloned and introduced to the market as an alternative to more sedating strains. Regarding my OTH grow this year, it should come as no surprise that it is far from being the ideal choice up here. Despite the unnaturally highly temperatures (latitude-wise) we have had, #10, which I suspected to be a Purple Haze female, never made it to pre-flowering and #7 did manage to develop lots of pollen sacks, but they produced virtually no pollen and even then very late, around the end of November, which wouldn't have made it into seeds.
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Now, my Erdpurt x OTH is another whole story. Here's my smoke report after a month:

Helvetia Haze #7
I adore OTH. Her simple yet enthusiastic effects quickly gained a place in my heart. I was spaced out on it at one of the biggest music festivals in Europe, without feeling a split second of anxiety or post-Cannabis-exhaustion. It always made me feel in tune with myself and it inspired me to try and develop something that would feel as nice while performing well at this latitude. Meet Erdpurt x OTH (Green, 14 weeks pheno), aka Helvetia Haze.
Throughout her whole life cycle she looked and smelt extremely Haze dominant, which truly got my hopes up.

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Once again, let’s start from the jar.

Haze meets Hashplant. Due to Erdpurt influence, OTH’s calyxes swell lavishly, building massive green clusters of glistering diamonds that remarkably retain their stickiness even after drying.
There is the same strong incense overture as the 18 months cured Green Haze, but with much more lavender and strawberry blooming in the background. Cutting a bud open reveals hidden fresh citrus and overripe strawberry notes.

Next step is vapour, which is still mainly about incense, but with lemon candy and strawberry candy floss coating your palate upon every exhalation. The deeper you venture into your session, the more caramel you’ll excavate.

Unlike modern geentics, HH hits since the very first inhale. It’s that tingling behind your eyes, your body gliding through space with less input, that lighter light diffusing through the window that (gently!) catapults you into a parallel universe.

Instead of toning each other down, both Kush and Haze intertwine hands to give birth to a fruit salad of opposites. Although not reaching the same dizzying heights Haze can touch, your thoughts will still feel less bonded and your perception will lose its appetite for details, thus being more receptive to the bigger picture. All this smoothing reminds me of Repuk commenting on smoking Lebanese as “Feeling like a well-oiled machine”.

The softer high and the appealing taste may induce some gluttony, leading to a more generous session than planned, which, in turn, let your brain wander off on a tangent while your body melts on your chair like butter on a hot Summer day.

As far as manoeuvrability goes, I’m happy to have a lighter OTH experience, more suitable for a week day or a lazy afternoon, but the more I indulge in it, the harder it gets to coordinate brain and body. I eventually get to a point where my body is light asleep and my thoughts morph into monologues inside my head:
Hiking? Now? How about next week?

Another major turnoff for me is that the aforementioned sense of apathy persists in the following days. I’ve found myself skipping lunch a couple times because I couldn’t bother purchasing something and spent my lunch break staring at the pine tree out of the window instead. This cannabinoid induced lethargy could potentially turn into frustration, because you find yourself wanting things that your body has to be scourged for in order to execute. As often is the case, giving up, notwithstanding the unendurable annoyance and avoiding to carry your melting body around your house, is easier.

Good year, everybody!


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Hi @Popey that's also an interesting question. Yes, 12-13'C outdoor night temps will induce pigmentation in the Purple Haze expressions, while the Green Hazes still remain totally green. Take in consideration, Oldtimer's Haze shows much more colors outdoors than indoors under same temperature.
I have never grown pure OLDTIMERS HAZE or GREEN HAZE 19, but only the green genotype or phenotype in hybrids where it is very dominant (at least in the description of the bank and in my few cultivated specimens) such as GREEN 19 A5 HAZE (A.C.E: Green Haze 19 X A5Haze; my specimen was wonderful and among the best sativas I have been able to try) or FULL ENERGY (T.S.Co: OldTimers Haze "Green light" X Old Narrow Afghan); But those hybrids, I can attest, stay totally green like green wheat and the green lemon of the old song, even below freezing, down to at least -1°C/30°F.


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i grew a green pheno of oldtimers haze x malawi which was nice especially when mixed with other bud

i also made a cross oth/malawi x mikado which i name spirited away but i was tortured into givin those seeds to the birds

luckily i found some spare seeds, hopefully they germinate


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Such beautiful looking plants you guys post. So has anyone successfully ran this in a growtent or is that just a crazy question? And if so what was the flowering times like versus outdoors?


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old timer haze..the most consistency in a good non sedative haze high without sedation..

the ”real hazes have been a crapshoot and almost all have been too sedative.

"real “ hazes appear to have more power..and maybe I will find gold if i grow out a platoon of em