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OG means ... ?

Wendull C.

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Say what you want about his accent, or his consulting gigs. The man is a wealth of knowledge. From market trends to varietal sifting.

He openly shares his findings of his lifes work. Not many can say that.


I know it. I was just b.s'n .. it just seems like the mag has been a lil hostile past year or 2. myself included.. boxers etc are usually super nice ppl. tho

og= og


Yep fighters are usually pretty chill. Generally avoid conflict when your peers are all trained killers. Plus if there are any arguments it's shut up and put on the gloves.


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OG means...
Old Guy
Old Gal
Old Grower
Original Ganja
Original Glue
Original Gangsta
Original Genes
Original Grower
Ocean Grown


Oriental grapes.. I think it's purple weed from China.. Never smoked it.. Probably just some hype like NL5

Wendull C.

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B real didnt name it.

It does not mean ocean grown.

It was just to differentiate og kush from other strains people were trying to pass off as og kush.
Back then the only name was kush. There was no og kush.

Just kush.


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Shout out to Brother Nature hahaha

-a retired wrestler
-of, relating to, or resembling snakes


-It is someone who likes to nibble on womens' earlobes.
"My husband wouldn't stop nibbling my earlobes. I thinks he's a gynotikolobomassophile. " she said casually

I think we have it folks. Leave your lab coats at the door.

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