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My friends dog noshed on a shit ton of canna-muffins


Feeding the ducks with a bun.
When I was a kid my dog ate a whole bag of mini Three Musketeers bars.
Poor thing crapped candy wrappers for days.


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Our old dog used to be a greedy one... any food unguarded was fair game as far as she was concerned.
One day she jumped at the kitchen side and ate 1/2 oz of a relatives hash.
Damn did she sleep... and wouldn’t go near chocolate ever again for some reason


Bumping an old thread.

It's funny rereading this old thread now that in 2023 there a shitload of cannabis related products designed specifically for canines.

My 18 yr old bluetick walker coonhound mix takes 70 mg of full spectrum CBD (with 0.3 TCH) twice daily along with 300 mg of Gabapentin.

I believe that this is one of the factors as to why he is still alive, along with complete loving care, good food and his desire to keep trucking.

But now he's having a hard time getting up off his rear end and walks very poorly. He can see, hear, smell, and think like he always has. He loves his food, treats, barking, me and life so it will be hard to say goodbye to a being that is fully functional mentally.

This Thanksgiving I'm deeply thanking the creator for 17 years of daily amazement with Jethro Bodine the country coonhound:


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And here's some fall OD grown guerrilla style Triangle Kush (150 yards off I40 haha)


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Old Piney

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Apparently, weed can be really dangerous for dog now along with just about everything else it's just crazy all the things we gave our dogs ( with no problems) that now the internet says is deadly to dogs. I had a goofy lab mute back named Bow (Bowfus) in the day he was a real stoner if anyone left their stash around it was gone. He would sit in the circle of weed smokers at stare down whoever had the joint begging for smoke .he sucked it right in lol
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had a dachshund eat about half a nickel of good buds once. came in and my mom said "i think Otto is sick! he hasn't hardly moved in two hours..." "well mom, he ate my damn weed & is ripped i guess." :whistling::dunno: i mean, what would you tell your mother when that happens ? i told mine the truth...:biggrin: she was happy that he wasn't sick.

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I had a rottweiler cross a few years back and was living with my sister. My sister ate one of the brownies in the fridge, apparently not realizing it was an edible. She got the fear and decided it'd be a good idea to dispose of all the rest of the brownies by giving them to the dog. I came home from work and my sister's lazing on the couch laughing at infomercials and the dog is swaying back and forth, looking somehow scared. He was fine eventually after a good 48 hour sleep, but loved eating cannabis leaves after that.