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My friends dog noshed on a shit ton of canna-muffins


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I would be pissed at my dog if it ate my stash, but i'm sure it would never eat your ganja treats again. My dog will eat anything fruit/vegetables, garbage, his own puke, i let him smell a nug one time and he almost chomped it right outta my fingers.


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There are some dogs that suffer from separation anxiety and need prozac or xanax. I would think just give it some edibles and it would calm it down just fine...
I've seen dogs that have eaten cannatreats. Very, very chill, which isn't always a bad thing, especially if they were hyper to begin with. I know there's at least a few dogs out there who would benefit from a chill pill (especially the aggressive ones, the yappy ones, etc).
As for intentionally dosing your dogs: well, it's not like you're giving it anything that you wouldn't do. I mean, it would be mean to OD it on mj brownies, just like it would be mean to OD a person on them.
You could say though that the dog isn't a willing participant in the action; I'm thinking, the dog can clearly smell what's in the baked good (you don't think a dog can smell the thc?) and is smart enough to know what that smell means, and still willingly eats it (if you put some poisonous substance in there that made it sick, I doubt it would eat it again) so I would say the dog knows what it's eating...
Getting your dog high on a regular basis is probably not a good thing, though, he'll get real lazy and start putting on weight probably.
I gave my dog some weed one day.

Now he's a crack addict. But it's ok coz he's had counselling - he's on prozac and is now promising to stay off the pipe and swears crack bitches are a thing of the past.

Good dog.

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Toad said:
So a friend of mine came over, I cooked some dinner up and while that was on the grill I started a batch of blueberry muffins from some supper stony cannabutter. Muffins are real easy by the way and only take about 30 mins start to end.

By the time we were done eating, smoking and enjoying the fresh muffins, both of us crashed out on the couch with a movie on. The muffins were killer. We split a muffin and within 30 mins I was baked out of my gourd.

Now, I had left the tin of 12 muffins on the counter to cool off before I put them in the fridge. My friend and I split ONE muffin. I wake up the next morning to find muffin paper all over the floor and only 2 muffins left in the tin. This 60 pound dog who is normally bouncing off the walls was laying on the floor completely zoned, barely able to lift his fat head.

I was like... ohhh shit. That poor bastard. I've since eaten the last two in two different sittings and each time I was out of my head so I know they're dank muffins. The poor dog finally was able to get up and go outside but his frickin legs wouldn't work correctly. If he was just standing there he'd wobble, but if he tried to walk around it was like he was a cat with plastic bags over each paw. I couldn't help but burst out laughing and the now-retarded animal.

I thought I'd share! He's fine now but it took over three days to get right. I guess at home he slept the whole three days and didn't eat much.

I in no way condone getting pets high and did initially feel bad about his predicament. I was worried about him being permanently fucked up but he's better now and we can all laugh about it.

Cheers !

fuuk,,, i know that feeling,,

i was werking at my boys dispensaries for a few months,, and i had just

gotten a new pup,, and he came to werk with me,,, one day some fuckn

asshole patient thought it be funny to feed him some hash edibles..

(pup was only 2.5 mos old) and i fuckn blew up on him,,, almost beat his

ass ,,but he was mmj patient,, and we dont need more trouble,, so i scolded

him for a good 20 minuts and banned him from the property,,,

than few weeks later a freind brought over a pineapple upside down pot

cake made from keif,,,very fuckn potent. and the pup went right for it,,,

he lieks edibles for some reason,,, so i always got to make extra sure

to keep them far out of site,,, and its not just tha sweets cause he dont

care about anything that dont got weed in it,,,but he dont like the smoke


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RudolfTheRed said:
yeah, yeah, fuck me or whatever... good one. anyway, i think you need to go back and re-read everything i said. i just said its not funny just because the dog appears to be okay now. if you don't condone it then whats funny about it now and what was funny about it when the dog was high? just curious?? because you did say you were laughing at the dog when it was high. you could have gotten the dog very sick or even killed it. there is nothing funny about that yet you got a kick out of it even though you 'felt bad'? Riiiighhhht...

secondly, no one said you need to kid proof your home. we're talking about dogs and pot and you need to keep your pot away from your dogs just like you would a child. its just an example. everyone needs to listen to that. you'd be surprised at how often this happens and it makes us all look irresponsible users in the eyes of non-smokers and anyone else.

p.s. i believe i called others out for willingly getting there dogs high.

ahh com on red,,,lighten up>>>

my college boys would always get their dog drunk,,,

not saying its best thing to do,,,but not liek we givn

tha canine hot shots of heroin,,,just fuckn weed,,,and

yes>>sometimes it is very fukn funny,,, i rescued a dog

from pound who had been beaten and abused... it was

scared to even come around any humans,,,but one day i had

back door open when we was smoking,,, and she came running

up licking the smoek ,, wagging her taill,,, so we used to get her

high wehnever we smoke,,cause she LOVED it,,,no second guessn it

that dog damn near loved weed more than me,,,and i know if i was

dog wit nothn to do,,,id be runnin to me tryn to get blazed the same


i used to have a dog that loved pot, not eatin it just bein around the smoke. i never shotgunned him or anything but when i had him i couldnt smoke in the house i lived at so i would go out to the car. that lil mofo would raise hell if i didnt let him in. not for the ride either he just loved the smoke and i know he was gettin high. i dont think anybody should get an animal high, by the way my avatar is photoshopped :laughing: but if that pet does wanna hang while im chiefin, who knows it could be the soul of one of my long lost friends so i cant say no :joint: lil timmy r.i.p.


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enough of the bickering about that dog eatin the weed.......

IT WAS ME, I ate the damned muffins that night and had to
punch that mutts lights out in self defense, I thought I'd hit
him hard enough to knock him into next week but now I can
see it only stunned him for a few daze instead.......


WOW, I think this is the first time i've seen 2 people come to an agreement after and argument, let alone one that acutually had a "fuck you" in it.

Good Stuff!!


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dogs dont tolerate weed too well, its actually considered poisonous for them iirc

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Mine have gotten into butter, cookies, brownies, caramels.... you name it, they ate it.

A couple liked to repeat the behavior, but none of them seemed like they were enjoying the effects during the incident.

Twitchy head shakes and inability to walk with coordination were noticeable in all instances.

It never killed any of them but an AmStaff was laid up for thirty hours.

It's scary as hell to see.

I had an Aussie that ate most of an eighth of Mazar in college and buddies stopping by saw her and said I should take her to the vet.

After I told them what had happened they all wanted a bag.

Never sold out of weed that fast before or since.

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My buddies cat Ginger can't get enough dry nug. If he doesn't lock his stash up, it's gone. Cat will get into anything that isn't under lock and key for some herbage. Cat will wait for dude to bust out the nugs from the lockbox so she can pull a quick rob job on his ass. I seent it more than once.

It's actually pretty tragic. I've come out of pocket a couple times because Ginger is such a ruthless and thoughtless thief. Ol' buddy really needs his meds for his anxiety.

I've only ever really seen this type of persistence and aggression out of the runt of the litter when it comes titty time. Cat f'n loves its herb.


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30years ago I find orphan dog in Biafra (Nigeria).I was youngest on the ship,small boy.
One day he find weed in my cabin and ate full ashtray of cleaned material.
Two days black out,Dead body,I was afraid for my life if he die,we will be shark food.
Next day he awake,and start searching to eat again:)
year ago,my friend throw weed cooked with butter in my garden,my freaky dog ate handful of
material and my friend be afraid for his life whole afternoon :)

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In college I was cleaning out a bowl from all the packed resin that was in there. There was a bunch and I was piling it up on a paper towel on the coffee table. I hadn't had my dog long so she wasn't even a year old at that point but I realized that she was acting a little fucky. I noticed that she had gotten the wad of resin and had chewed it up. She couldn't sit still and kept swaying around and had a gangster lean on the couch. Eyes were half closed. She ended up pissing herself on the couch too. I took her outside and she had a good old time running around goofy and staring at stuff occasionally. I remember there was a dandelion that she stared at for a bit. I still have her to this day and she's 9 now I think? Weed won't kill your dog but they will definitely get laid out if they get into it.

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Chocolate is interesting in that it doesn't have to be toxic to dogs.

If puppies eat chocolate while young, their livers will continue to create the enzyme theobromase if they continue to encounter it occasionally.

Nobody seems to know this however.

The only thing people think is chocolate is poisonous to dogs.


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Chocolate is interesting in that it doesn't have to be toxic to dogs.

If puppies eat chocolate while young, their livers will continue to create the enzyme theobromase if they continue to encounter it occasionally.

Nobody seems to know this however.

The only thing people think is chocolate is poisonous to dogs.
My chocolate lab ate 3lbs of truffles one year. My wife asked me what was wrong with Hershey, she looks green. I said I don't see that until she was dry heaving in the kitchen and then... sweet puke has to be the foulest puke I have ever smelled. My supper nearly went on the floor as well.


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Didn't anyone read the Dog Owner's Manual?

Dog will eat anything tasty. :biggrin:

Here's the bad news: There's a 50/50 chance you just created a Narc dog.